In China, cunning naturists defy morality (via L’Obs) – clothes free life

Fangshan, China (AFP) – Water is only 16 degrees but about forty men, naked as worms, are enjoying the sun in an isolated outside pond in the outskirts of Beijing. “Here is the paradise of Chinese naturists,” proclaims Zhen, 18, a tattooed tiger on his chest. The small pond, located below a high voltage line, a prefabricated building and a wooded hill, is the unique and unlikely naturist place of the Chinese capital. And one of the few in China. Source: curator’s note Original story in French Advertisements Related

Source: In China, cunning naturists defy morality (via L’Obs) – clothes free life

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  1. Naked is nothing new in China. On page 19 of The Last Eunuch of China it says, “…after his return from Beijing. In summer days the villagers often went naked down the river to catch fish.” I need to read more of the book to find out where.
    They were making fun of a eunuch who (if I remember) was doing the same thing.

    Also in the book it mentions China had public bath houses but Sun Yaoting (the main eunuch in the book) preferred the eunuch bath house (unsure if my terminology is correct) because he would get fun of or comments going to the normal people bath because of his lack of body parts.

    As a eunuch myself (to stop hair loss) I’ve become obsessed with Chinese history but unfortunately it won’t earn me a paycheck so I’m busy doing other things. However there isn’t really any good feel to being naked but my skin is very heat sensitive now. The whole physiological feeling & mental state is basically like naked is like an animal but I can’t really explain it. And nothing looks sexual unless someone is intending it to be then I can tell the difference but I still don’t like it or it doesn’t “click”. Anything related to libido is wiped out 99.9% of the time; even earrings look like self harm. If you read the book it tells a different story on their libido but since they were fixed at like age 9 the brain likely develops differently without T.
    I think? the restaurant Pei Wei is named after the last emperor of China. There’s photos of him in the book. Sun Yaoting was one of his his eunuch servants.


  2. Interesting, thanks!


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