Goodbye, My Friends! RIP All-Nudist

It’s time, folks.  We’ve spent ten years trying to counter the crap that passes for ‘nudism’ and ‘naturism’ online, especially for the sake of newcomers.  We’re pleased to see many more useful websites than there were when we began, and like to think that we may have inspired some of them.

Many more good ones have gone their way, victims of burnout and busy webmasters.  But the beat goes on!

450276_origI, Steve, am incurably ill, and have been denied the transplant that could have made a difference.  It’s only a matter of time now.  Maybe weeks, maybe months with exceptional treatment.  Either way, I have more on my plate than continuing to operate this website any longer.

Don’t weep for me; I’ve had a great life and leave with few regrets.  We just hope you have gotten something from our efforts even if we’ve not always agreed!

There’s little more to say other than I worry about Angie.  I’m not leaving her in a good financial way and that’s hard to take.  So I’m going to ask you for help.  Surely, all these years of serving our community is worth something, a little something to say ‘Thank you’?

I am setting up a ‘Go Fund Me’ account asking for contributions to her welfare, not mine.  All proceeds wilangiel go to helping her make the transition that losing my small income will entail.  She will be living exclusively on her Social Security when I am gone, and that’s not much.

Please, help her out.  A little adds up when there are many, and millions of folks have visited our websites seeking good information about our cherished lifestyle.  If only a fraction contribute, it could make all the difference!

Here’s the link to the fundraiser, and it will be repeated for as long as I can.  Angie doesn’t know about it yet, and would probably ask that I don’t do this.  She’s pretty independent!

Thank you for whatever you can do, and if you can’t, please share this post wherever you can!

Bless you all, it’s been a hoot!   -Steve

GoFundMe link:  bobAbout Your Hosts – Angie and Steve         Our First Time Nudist Together

15 Responses

  1. Steve, it is truly with great sadness that I read this. You have inspired many of us and I can’t think you enough for that. I wish all the luck and positive energy possible.

    Your fellow blogging buddy,

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  2. It’s sad to read that. Seneca wrote in his Moral letters to Lucilius, “You cannot escape necessities, but you can overcome them”.

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  3. Thanks so much, Kenn. You keep carrying the torch, ok?

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  4. “To conquer death you only have to die.” from JC Superstar. It can’t be ALL bad; everyone’s done it! 😉

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  5. I will do my absolute best.

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  6. Thank you for your wonderful inspiring words and thoughts over the years they will live on in your legacy. I’m sure all nudists and those that subscribe will want to give something. God speed and love you!

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    a sad repost

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  8. […] Goodbye, My Friends! RIP All-Nudist […]


  9. Thank you, and our wonderful community! We’re never alone when we remember each other.


  10. I would be sad if you died. I’ve known you for about 6 virtual years and wish you could get better. Personally I’m trying to copy Bernando LaPallo, a man who was perhaps the oldest in America. His super 10 list is
    extra virgin olive oil (at least 2 tablespoons a day)
    garlic (not pills)
    ceylon cinnamon
    broccoli (raw foods are best)

    About 30 minutes after rising he went on a 40 minute walk. He came back and made a smoothie out of Dr. Schulze Superfood, berries, garlic?, fresh orange juice? (I need to learn more). Next was cinnamon tea…
    In bed by 9:30 pm.

    Since I started copying some of what he did I don’t get sick, I’m stronger and stay young looking.

    We are what we eat. For example, if someone eats a pop-tart they BECOME that pop-tart. Don’t give up! A good way to detoxify is with distilled water.

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  11. Yeah, all that is true. But I’ve used and abused my body for decades and it’s payback time. Aside from other things, each enough to kill me (they’ve been trying!), cancer has suddenly riddled my liver and veins, untreatable. Oops!

    It’s been a good life, and now it’s time to see what, if anything,is next!


  12. Steve, All I can say is Thank You for all you’ve done to promote social nudism. You have been an inspiration to all of us on the same side of the battle. God speed my friend. – George

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  13. Sorry for bugging (please delete), but if I had cancer I would stop all sugar consumption, eat loads of turmeric and get my blood pH up. I would also take some pawpaw twigs (make sure it’s not graviola).

    Jerry McLaughlin, PhD, has shown that cancer has seven times the requirement for sugar, compared to healthy cells. He found that extracts of pawpaw are among the most powerful cancer fighters in nature. It’s twenty times more potent than Taxol, a chemotherapy drug. Shane Ellison, M.S., says the best pawpaw product is called Cell-Reg (too much causes vomiting).

    Cancer thrives in an acidic medium, but cannot survive in an alkaline medium. Manfred Ardenne showed that at a pH slightly above the normal pH of 7.4 cancer cells will enter a dormant state. In “The Calcium Factor” it tells about cancer patients who were all expected to die within weeks, their survival rate being under one in ten million. Fifty percent survived after doctors raised their pH (the book tells how but that is too long to put here). Unfortunately chemotherapy reaps 100 billion annually so there won’t be a change in the cancer business.

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  14. Sad news. Thanks for the many useful and interesting articles you’ve pointed us to that have helped bring the worldwide nudist community together a bit more.

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  15. Here is an okay article: 5 mistakes most people make when they get diagnosed with CANCER
    227 thousand views since August
    On #4 I would add detoxifying with distilled water.

    My dad has a skin cancer around several inches long and soon he’ll be finding out if it’s spreading internally. He’s a junk food person and will not change no matter what I say so soon I might not have a dad. I knew it was coming but I’ll still be sad.


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