support mazo beach in Wisconsin DNR survey

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Mazo Beach Fights For Survival – Huff Post

Mazo Beach Fights For Survival – Huff Post  Please go to the HuffPost article and comment politely and favorably!  National exposure is vital to saving the only legal nude public beach in the US other than a few coastline beaches.  Then go to Friends of Mazo Beach’s site and follow instructions there to do MORE! […]

AANR Director Proposes Nude Beach in Michigan As Mazo Beach in Wisconsin is Threatened

AANR Director Proposes Nude Beach in Michigan As Mazo Beach in Wisconsin is Threatened  

NAC Action Alert for Mazo Beach

Originally posted on Friends Of Mazo Beach:
NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND URGENT! Mazo Beach as we have known it for many decades is in need of your help. Now is the time to give back to the beach for all it has given to you. For those…

Naturist Action Committee Alert for Mazo Beach – Wisconsin

Naturist Action Committee Alert for Mazo Beach – Wisconsin  PLEASE READ!  Another bude beach is threatened and you can help!  

Mazo Beach Nude Olympics ‘09

  Wisconsin is finally going to get it’s own Nude Olympics.  There have been some in the past, occasionally, but this year’s efforts are being organized ahead of time and online. The date is July 11, coinciding with TNS’ Nude Recreation Week.   The Academic Naturist is primary organizer in collusion with Friends of Mazo […]

Mazo Beach Today! ah, no

Steve had meant to drag Angie to the beach today, perfect weather.  45 degrees, sunny, not much wind.  Great time to get out and get some sun, but , alas, not to happen. Distant son wanted to visit so Steve went to get him, got lost but had a good time driving aimlessly around southern […]

About Mazo Beach

All-Nudist has MOVED to This beach ranks among the finest natural nudist/naturist locations in North America.  And it’s legal! Mazo Beach is located in southern Wisconsin between Mazomanie and Sauk City on the beautiful Wisconsin River.  It is public land and open to all, and home to the Badger Naturists club. The beach has a […]

Mazo Beach Handicap Access

This is of no interest to anyone other than disabled nudists wishing to get to Mazo Beach while avoiding the mile walk from the parking lot.  It has been almost impossible to track down just which government agency is responsible, we tried last year and failed miserably.  Thanks to months of work by our friends […]

Help Reverse Closure of Mazo Nude Beach in WI | NAC Action Alert

The Naturist Action Committee has issued an Action Alert for the closure of Mazo nude beach in Wisconsin. Click to read more & learn how you can help now! Source: Help Reverse Closure of Mazo Nude Beach in WI | NAC Action Alert