My First Time as a Nudist – The Bare Burro 5K : nudism

My First Time as a Nudist – The Bare Burro 5K

Naturism – a bum deal? – Advice & Tips – New & Used Caravans & Caravanning Reviews – Out and About Live

Ditch the clothes and don the sunglasses for the truly exhilarating experience of a caravan naturist

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Finding Ourselves Under the Layers

Finding Ourselves Under the Layers

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How To Get A New Lifestyle In 7 Days By Kim & Chati

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Naturism you create the keys» Naturists

As portas da oportunidade, você cria as chaves! Não há realmente nenhuma chave para desfrutar o estilo de vida naturista e você pode desfrutar. Se você pratica este estilo de vida em casa e não é suficiente, a maioria de nós vive dentro de alguns kilometros de algum tipo de nudismo sancionado (legais ou não), praias, riachos, lagos ou resorts. Se isso não convencer você (por medo de encontrar alguém que você conhece), há literalmente milhares de destinos de viagens disponíveis para solteiros, casais e grupos de todo o mundo ansiosos para acomodá-lo. E quanto a ser único e fazer uma excursão sozinho para uma praia naturista? Eu acho que é realmente a melhor maneira de fazer (embora seja também muito […]

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ANF – The Australian Naturist Federation – How to start in Naturism

Naturist Clubs, Retreats, Resorts and B & B’s If you are more interested in the social aspects of naturism, becoming involved in a less public arena with couples and families, then our affiliates are your answer. At these premises you will get to meet long serving naturists and the young alike, have the opportunity to take part in sporting events like Petanque and Miniten, tennis, swimming, BBQ’s and so on. You will find, as all naturists have, that relaxing in the nude is somewhat more relaxing than being clothed, as you literally strip away all cares and pretensions of daily life. It is a lifestyle to be cherished. Nude Beaches If you wish to progress to ‘social’ nudism, we have many nude beaches in Australia and a listing of these can be found at Free Beaches Australia’s website . Sadly, some of these are under threat, and others are not legal (such as throughout Queensland). Almost all of them are in hard to access places, such is the wisdom of local authorities to keep us hidden away from mainstream society. We respond to them by saying We don’t do anything naked that you don’t so clothed , except perhaps get a tan. We certainly do not condone illegal and anti-social behaviour at nude beaches, or anywhere also for that matter. It’s ‘Nude, not Rude!’ There are nude beaches in every state of Australia. If you are worried about going there and not knowing anyone, then there is another way to meet people. On the internet there are many groups of naturists who communicate with each other and create networks. Another way to get involved, if getting lost in a crowd is more your thing, is to attend a beach carnival or club open day. You can find these listed on our calendar. There are events run in every state by affiliates, and the continuation of these events depends upon your support. Skinny Dipping I can pretty much guarantee that most people, if not everyone, has gone skinny dipping at one point in their lives. Skinny dipping often the initial stage of becoming a nudist, where you learn about the thrill of being in the sun, the water, the breeze without a care in the world. Usually it also feels a little naughty, and it’s this feeling that you need to overcome, and realise that everyone has done it, does it, and will continue to do it. Once you progress to public nudity at gazetted nude beaches, clubs or retreats, that awkward naughty feeling will dissipate and you will wonder what you were ever worried about! If you are embarrassed, that is fine – you can just go nude in private places with your partner. But remember, everyone has the same hang-ups as you, and naturism is not about how you look, it is about how you feel! There are people involved in naturism from all walks of life, all persuasions, religions, ethnic backgrounds, sizes and shapes. The human body is a marvelous thing and we encourage people to be proud of their appearance, and to join other naturists in tolerance and acceptance of all the differences which make each of us unique. Note, however, that we cannot condone nudity in non-gazetted locations. This places you in danger, and the movement as well. The last thing we need is people breaking laws and getting reported as flashers in local or national press. How to start in Naturism So you’re interested in becoming a naturist and not know where to begin? This site has been designed to give you as much information as possible about what is expected, what is available and where to go in terms of nude beaches, clubs, resorts, retreats and Bed & Breakfasts. There is a huge range of choice for you, but you can even just start at home. Many naturists are home based, and that’s fine. The main thing is to stand behind your convictions, not to be embarrassed or feel guilty about your decision. Embrace the freedom of being a nudist!

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Questions from a newbie naturist | clothes free life

Joining the clothes free community has been overwhelming, but in a good way. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and words of encouragement. With that being said, I have so many questions.…

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