(Some) Gay Men vs. Naturism

  • “”Over the years…the deviants that have taken over, portraying themselves as naturists”
  • “It’s a problem repeated at beaches around the country”
  • “more and more complaints. It is also a well-known gay meeting place.”
  • “It’s people like [them] who are giving us a bad name.”
  • “The lewd behaviour is the concern. It is not against the law to go naked on a beach”
  • “the problem has been allowed to fester for years “
  • “You’ve got your genuine naturists, for us it’s a philosophy”

Well? Getting tired of reading about this, story after story, day after day?  Then DO something! Tell them to stop! Report them to the police, take a pic and send to police, take down license numbers, discuss it in your club, contact national organizations, write letters to the editor, call representatives, TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO STOP DOING IT!

This is not a ‘gay vs straight’ issue; this is perverted, illegal behavior which shouldn’t be countenanced by anyone, gay or straight.

There is already a backlash against gay men quietly forming in the nudist community.  More and more people, All Nudist included, are becoming tired of being apologists for gays in general, saying it’s only a few bad apples and not all  gay men who cause the problems.  Most gays are just as upset as the rest of us, right?

The gay naturist community has remained largely silent about it and, in some cases, tacitly approved of these perverted and illegal practices.  No support there.  Where are the gay naturism advocates?

It’s taken many years and a lot of effort to reach the present level of acceptance that gay people enjoy now; let’s not lose those gains just because some gay men are sexually deviant and the rest of them are afraid to speak out.   We think it’s just some; we’re beginning to wonder.

If gay men want to be accepted into the nudist community, as we expect the real gay NUDISTS do, then they damn well better start acting like the rest of that community or all gay men are going to find themselves left out.

As we’ve said over and over, it’s not a GAY problem, it’s a BEHAVIOR problem.   But… the behavior problem is mostly a GAY MALE problem and that aspect of it cannot be ignored, as is usually done in some misguided effort to be politically correct and avoid appearing to be ‘homophobic’.

That fear is what stops this discussion from going anywhere.  Whenever the subject comes up it’s either “You’re homophobic!” or “Those damn gays are all alike!”  Both are wrong, we hope.

Our national organizations are reluctant to touch the issue for both the above reason plus the fact they owe their existence to the promotion of nudism/naturism as a squeaky-clean, problem-free, happy-happy family image.  Baloney.  We have our problems just like everyone else and pretending they don’t exist is not going to fix anything.  A fake image is no image.

What’s the solution?  We don’t know.  We do know that this type of behavior is much more of a threat to social nudism than public opinion or religious zealots.  This is more of a danger than falling association memberships or an ageing nudist population.  More of a problem than recruiting younger nudists or getting more nude beaches.

This threat, a worldwide threat, is the one that can close beaches to us, turn public opinion against us, cause legislation against us, and make the terms ‘nudist’ and ‘naturist’ come to mean something foul and disgusting.

Now go ahead; disagree and try to argue against that point.  But you ask, what about swingers and others that cause problems?  Don’t even go there; the behavior is just as wrong, of course, but the problem is minuscule compared to the gay male perversion invasion.  First things first.

Why are we bringing this up?  Why are we making such a big deal of it?  And who are we to be saying these things?  Just a couple of pretty ordinary nudists who have supported the position of gays for as long as we’ve been writing.  We live in a largely gay/lesbian neighborhood, have a gay ‘adopted’ son, a gay cousin, a gay nephew and his husband, a bi niece, a gay brother and his wonderful husband, numerous gay co-workers, have set up a website for a lesban-owned business, list gay organizations on our website, and live in a gay-friendly community.  Oh yeah, and have gay friends of both genders.  Hell, we even drove 30 miles and climbed a small mountain (ok, big hill) once for a gay neighbor’s wedding!

Are we anti-gay?  What do YOU think?

We’re doing this because anybody who accuses us of being homophobic is so obviously obtuse that we can ignore them.  They’re attatcking the messenger because they don’t want to deal with the message.   Our gay friends will not run away from us screaming because they agree!   We hold no public office or association position which could be adversely affected by being honest, we have no dog in this fight other than wanting to protect our nudist/naturist lifestyle.

What we hope to do is stimulate honest, civil, reasoned discussion about this problem throughout the nudist/naturist community., something which is happening only among a few bloggers right now.  We need everyone to be talking about it and putting their combined abilities and insights together to find some way to alleviate the problem.  There’s a lot of brain power available within our community and only by tapping that resource can we hope to win this battle; we can’t wait for our national associations to finally realize and admit that the problem exists.  By then it will be too late, if it isn’t already.

We’ve found in the past that if All Nudist posts something that’s controversial or ruffles feathers it will travel a lot farther than this little blog can reach all alone.  We’re hoping that this essay pisses off a lot of gays and straights, enough so that they share it with others and talk about it.    The stupid ones will complain about that ‘anti-gay’ All Nudist website and send their friends here for a laugh.

Great!  And out of all the folks who come here mad and read this, at least some will get the idea, agree, and maybe, just maybe, do something about it.

That’s a start.

Nudists, nudists, nudists…   If you were Mom and Pop Textile, wouldn’t you have some concerns about having a nudist beach near you?  We sure would!

There are, of course, “good guys’ out there, and D.A.M.N. appears to be oneof them according to their stridently stated position:

 ‎”D.A.M.N. is a social organization. Sexual activity and any other type of misconduct will not be allowed at any function. Anyone involved in such conduct will have his membership revoked.”

“D.A.M.N has two rules: No sex and No Clothes are`allowed at our functions.”

Now that sounds like a naturist club!  Compare that to the gay naturist sorganization which advises its participants as to which area of the event is reserved for ‘public sexual displays’.

D.A.M.N. Dallas Area Male Naturists 

Afterword:  If you read the comments below you will find that not everyone agrees that perverts having open sex on public beaches is a problem.  In fact, some like the one below insist that the problem lies instead with the naturists who dare to invade the pervs territory then complain!  We owe ‘Patrick’ a thank-you for demonstrating so aptly that there are indeed some very sick individuals among us, masquerading as nudists in order to act out their twisted sexual fantasies.  The saddest thing is, he really doesn’t think he’s sick; he thinks everyone else is!

Sunny Day For Wisconsin Nudists

  Well, we said it was sunny, not warm!  We received a few inches of snow in a late Winter arrival yesterday.  It’s been an easy Winter up until now, not terribly cold or snowy.  If it was a couple of years ago we might be tempted to go to Mazo Beach to catch some rays and get a chance to feel the sun on our skin. Not so much anymore, age is catching up with us!

But no matter, Winter’s back is broken and though we may still get a whopper storm, Spring is near and we can handle just about anything with that thought in mind!

Our Australian and other southern hemisphere friends must be feeling the approach of their Winter looming in the not-so-far distance; what an awful feeling!  It seems so long util warm weather again when months of cold lie ahead.  Fear not, Aussies, Spring will come again, just about when you think Winter will never end!

But alas, no beach for us today.  The road is closed and we’re not up to a mile hike through the woods even to enjoy that beautiful feeling of sun on skin and sand snow between our toes!  We didn’t manage to make a trip to Haulover as hoped this year, so we’re fish-belly white again and practically glow in the dark!

This year, by God, we’re going to get ourselves out more and use the Summer months to best advantage.  Still in recovery from my many repairs, last year was kind of a bust for nuding around.  Feeling much better now so expect to be able to take advantage of the good weather while we can!

Just a ramble about us today…

Mo the Cat helping me write this!

Ok, busy day today.  Grandkids coming for the weekend, need to go shop for some kid food.  Refrigerator is dying; cold side is warm and freezer is only cool; have to go buy a replacement we can’t afford.  Poo.  Have to empty out the old one and cut it in half; it was brought in years ago  before different doors were installed in the house and it won’t fit through anymore!

Son Nathan’s scooter isn’t starting, we’ll be taking it apart in an effort to get it working while helping son Jim replace his old car’s starter and alternator.  Lucky Jim; starter, alternator, and battery all went kablooey at the same time!  And just when the company he works for cut wages to avoid closing!  Still, these days he’s lucky to even have a job…ya know? 

Son Jess is finishing his second week as a Medical Assistant at a local hospital and loving it!  Has taken two years to find employment since he got his degree!  He also lives with us (along with the other two while they all get their finances in order, if ever, plus grandkids every other week).  We’re babysitting the kids this weekend while Jess is at his second and third jobs!

Grandkids helping Angie read a book!

We’ve got three articles to write for a client (we write short articles on any subject for whoever will pay us); hugely boring topics sometimes but every dollar helps! If you think you can get rich writing articles for the internet, you are sadly mistaken!  Too much time and effort for too little return, but when you can’t work, it’s something.  We just figured out yesterday (duh!) that we don’t even earn enough to pay for our internet service!  But still, it’s kinda fun, every little bit helps, and it’s amazing, the things people want articles about!

The good news is sometime this weekend we plan to get to Mazo Beach and soak up some of the
summer’s last sun.  It’s that time of the year when we can no longer pretend that winter won’t return!  We’d like to take the grandkids, they’d love it, but with a divorce situation… can’t be exposing the children to THAT sort of  ‘perversion’!

Rare pic of Skippy the Dog...awake!

If there’s any spare time, we’ll use it to paint and fix up the house, which we’re going to sell next summer even if we have to take a loss.  We simply cannot afford to keep it any longer.  Costs and taxes keep rising while income diminishes.  Yeah, you know what I mean.  It’s hitting all of us.

But hey, life is good!

Um, let’s see… anything else you good folks would be interested in?  Probably not, I’ve bored you enough already!  But you see, by posting this I can say I’ve done my job and posted something anyway!  Have a good weekend and remember, stay naked!

Nude Recreation Week July 4 – 10 2011

It’s just about upon us, are you ready?  This coming week is the time to get out and find yourself a place to get naked!  If you’re lucky enough to live near a nude beach, terrific! 

How about trying one of those nudist camps or resorts near you?  If you’ve had the urge but never tried it, now’s the time!  Celebrate our country’s Independence by celebrating your own: by being non-dependent on clothes!

Here’s some links we dredged up, see what you can find.  If you know of any more just add them in a comment below!  Oddly, nobody’s making much fuss over it this year.  TNS barely mentions it, AANR is only pushing their Nakations, Friends of Mazo Beach is a year out of date!  Oh well, no matter!  Have a great week!  Look for us at Mazo!

The Naturist Society

AANR Announcement  (ignore the snarky blather at the beginning, what else can you expect from a textile!)

Northern Express

Try this Facebook page: Nude Recreation Week

Wisconsin! Time for Mazo!

  If you live anywhere around Wisconsin you owe it to yourself to get out to Mazo Beach this summer!

  Sure, you may be a member of a club and tend to stay there on weekends, but why not take a little vacation to Mazo?

  Friendly, clean, safe, and legal.  Get naked and hop in the Wisconsin River, stroll along the sand, or just sit and soak it up!  You might even get into a volleyball game if you think you’re up to it.  At least think about it!

Mazo Beach- Friends of Mazo Beach  info and directions  (and while yu’re there, tell them to update the site!  ;-)

Badger Naturists

Nude Wisconsin

A Nudist’s Essay

Angie needed to write a short piece for a writing class she’s taking.  Well, they say you should write about something you know, right?  So she did, much to the amusement of her Prof!  Here it is:

Nothing But a Smile 

   Imagine hiking or biking through a cool, quiet forest in a beautiful state park and emerging in a clearing on the banks of a sandy beach. The river ripples past and around a myriad of ever-changing sand bars and massages your toes as you first test the cool waters. The gentle current soothes and eases the tensions of the day and the warmth of the sun bakes out every last bit of angst you may be experiencing.

Now imagine doing all of this naked. That’s right; buck necked, starkers, the full Monte. Don’t be afraid; it’s not a sin to gad about in the buff. It may be illegal in some places so it’s best to gad in a clothing optional venue. It is so liberating to feel the sun and water touch your virgin skin. You wouldn’t shower with your clothes on so why do we bathe in rivers, lakes and oceans with suits on? Even the word ‘suit’ evokes a staid comment about where our heads are at. We wear suits to the office and the beach. Some will wear tiny pieces of cloth that barely (pun intended) cover doohickeys and thingamajigs but would never clip the string off of that thong or mini bra.

So, what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this? I love it. I am a post-menopausal, lumpy, chunky, hairy individual who has never felt less self-conscious about going to a beach in my life. No one stares or chuckles or murmurs asides to friends as you disrobe. You have no idea what walk of life these people come from because our bodies are the great equalizers but should someone become ill at the beach they will usually be attended to by doctors, nurses, vets, congressmen, lawyers, factory and office workers, and possibly a senator.

Those who feel the need to stay covered are called ‘textiles’ by the naturist community and do come under suspicion as to why they are at a naked beach, but all are welcome. Some need a little gentle coaxing but once the deed is done and the suit is off they never look back. Your first time may be harrowing but one you will never forget once you get over that first hurdle.

  Most of these beaches are self-regulated and this seems to work quite well. Cameras are not allowed and have been known to ‘go for a swim’ if reminders are ignored. Anyone who thinks it must be a great place to become more than amorous are warned or nicely escorted out. The beaches are clean and well cared for because they are few and far between and those of us who use them want to keep them that way.

  So, go for it sometime. It’s like jumping from an airplane the first time; scary but life-changing.

Nude! At the Beach! Finally!!

order2Who says you don’t get one last request?  Have you ever noticed that death and desire are sometimes related?  Impending death makes you appreciate everything more.  And when you desire something very badly yet can’t achieve it, your desire for it increases almost to the point of  desperation.  Add to that the certainty of  death dictating how much longer you will have to try, and you’ve got one miserable guy, yours truly. 

Yeah, yeah, cry like a baby, Steve.   OK, I will. imagesCAXWQL3F

It’s been a long warm summer, which should be filled with many opportunities to run around nekked.  Instead I was sick most of the time and since then haven’t been able to get out of the house much.  Bummer.  It’s a real bitch to look outdoors as Winter approaches and realize that you may never see a warm, green day again.  Just snow and ice.  And sick to boot.  Boo hoo.

  But I’ve been feeling much better these last 3 weeks, and terrific today.  So I loaded up the Jeep with Skippy the Beach Dog and headed out to Mazo.

Now, I’m not really supposed to drive but, in anticipation of maybe getting to the beach, I skipped my morning meds.  Bad me,  but makes theBeachFromRiver road safer for you.

Angie couldn’t come so it was just us guys, and it was wonderful!  70 degrees, light breeze, hot sun and a  fair bunch of folks, gorgeous day!  Skippy got his feet wet and played in the sand, I just zoned out.   And missed my Angie.  She’s something I’ll always want more of but, well.

Skippy felt bad that no one called out ‘Hey Skippy!’ but felt better when he met another dog.  They didn’t even fight, thank God.  Dog fights and naked guys don’t mix well…

Maybe all that doesn’t sound like such a big thing to you, but believe me, it was.  Winter, do your worst, I’m ready for you!

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