VIDEO: Naked woman leads deputies on wild chase |

Drivers in New Mexico got quite an eye-full as a naked woman led deputies on a high speed chase.

Source: VIDEO: Naked woman leads deputies on wild chase |

Sound familiar?  “A naked man walks down the street waving a machete and firing his Uzi, and someone reports a naked man in the street!”

Of course, drivers under the influence aren’t really news, are they?

Join team Nudie to swim the Sydney Skinny with Tim Dormer (video)

Free Yourself!

Free yourself!

Photo credit to Body Art by Rich

What Do Nudists Do in the Winter?

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What do we ‘do’?  Well, pretty much the same things everybody else does!











Trick or Treat!

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2010’s Halloween collection:

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Holiday Treats!

Originally posted 12-25-08

Merry Christmas!  Here’s our second attempt to give you some holiday cheer in a viewable format.  Still not very good at arranging these things!

Have a happy holiday, whatever your leanings, and stay naked!    -Angie & Steve






Gary the Nudist

Tree and girl










santa nudist


santa gal




Merry Christmas!    And don’t forget Santa Claus and His Old Lady!

Nude Olympians

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Trendhunter, a shamelessly exploitive site, has some pretty cool examples of the human body as an art form, photographed by Nadiv Kander.  Olympic athletes showing their stuff as the original Olympians did, in the buff.

Now, we talk a lot here about how the form isn’t as important as the person inside.  True,  But we are human and do appreciate a beautiful body.  Maybe because most of us don’t have one.  That’s one of the things that’s so hard for non-nudists/naturists to reconcile.  Not caring about outside appearances while at the same time having the same enjoyment of beauty as anyone else.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand.

Anyway, the idea of what’s beautiful changes with cultures and time, but some things are pretty classic.  These photos are classic.

There’s a difference between seeing beauty and finding beauty.  I like that, I’ll say it again:  There’s a difference between seeing beauty and finding beauty.

Maybe that’s part of the difference between nudists and non-nudists.   We can all see obvious beauty but inner beauty takes more effort to find.  When you don’t need to work to find that beauty, maybe that’s when you are a true nudist.

Now, is that profound, or what?     😉    -Steve

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