Going Bare: Undressed and Unashamed


Going Bare: Undressed and Unashamed.

Jennie’s Palette Paints a Pretty Picture

Jennie  is a talented young artist stretching the boundaries of nude art in her Australian studio. We are proud to have two of her works in our home and plan to acquire more.

She’s outspoken about the government’s efforts to suppress nudity in art as she and her colleagues explore the artistic depiction of the nude human body.

Visit her website to see her work, hear her opinions, and comment on today’s issues!

Jennie’s Palette

Jennie on Squidoo

Ignorance in Journalism 101

  Occasionally we share articles from other nudist sources;  this would be one of those occasions.  The Thoughtful Naturist can be counted upon to write well thought-out articles about our nudist/naturist lifestyle and this is no exception.  We owe Howard (the blogger) a debt and so do you; if we had written about the subject of his article it would be very, very long!

  He is reporting on a column by a so-called journalist who wrote about how disgusting it is to see old men nude in locker rooms.  These nasty old farts seem, in the writer’s opinion, to take too long to get dressed, offending his eyes with their sagging flesh.  Dear me, how awful!  Most of the article then relates the responses he got from readers of his column.  Apparently, he heard from a lot of old nudists and they were displeased with his reporting. 

This ‘journalist’ obviously has some severe problems with detached, impartial reporting.  Perhaps that is not his forte, it certainly doesn’t appear to be.  What he does have is an abysmal ignorance and lack of understanding of his subject, and by his own admission, does not care to even try to understand the target of his oh-so-witty (to him, obviously) monologue.  Perhaps that’s why his column is usually posted “between the front-page city-budget reports and the back section of public notices”.  In other words, buried.

Enough.  Just read the posting on The Thoughtful Naturist and follow the link to the article; it’s worth the read if only to remind ourselves of how some folks, a lot of folks, look at our chosen lifestyle.  I can’t help but wonder if this author would be so condescending and sarcastic if nudists were a protected species, such as homosexuals.  I have to believe that if he was approaching that subject he would use a bit more discretion in the way he spews his ridicule of that particular lifestyle.

The Thoughtful Naturist does not allow comments so if you have any for him,  feel free to post them here where he will hopefully find them.

Article here:   Ignorant Journalism

This is just too good to pass up,  Alyia Lane has the same problem with locker rooms! :   Shocked by Nudity!

Update:  Another one! by Jessica Sick   (if the name fits, wear it!)

A Nudist’s Essay

Angie needed to write a short piece for a writing class she’s taking.  Well, they say you should write about something you know, right?  So she did, much to the amusement of her Prof!  Here it is:

Nothing But a Smile 

   Imagine hiking or biking through a cool, quiet forest in a beautiful state park and emerging in a clearing on the banks of a sandy beach. The river ripples past and around a myriad of ever-changing sand bars and massages your toes as you first test the cool waters. The gentle current soothes and eases the tensions of the day and the warmth of the sun bakes out every last bit of angst you may be experiencing.

Now imagine doing all of this naked. That’s right; buck necked, starkers, the full Monte. Don’t be afraid; it’s not a sin to gad about in the buff. It may be illegal in some places so it’s best to gad in a clothing optional venue. It is so liberating to feel the sun and water touch your virgin skin. You wouldn’t shower with your clothes on so why do we bathe in rivers, lakes and oceans with suits on? Even the word ‘suit’ evokes a staid comment about where our heads are at. We wear suits to the office and the beach. Some will wear tiny pieces of cloth that barely (pun intended) cover doohickeys and thingamajigs but would never clip the string off of that thong or mini bra.

So, what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this? I love it. I am a post-menopausal, lumpy, chunky, hairy individual who has never felt less self-conscious about going to a beach in my life. No one stares or chuckles or murmurs asides to friends as you disrobe. You have no idea what walk of life these people come from because our bodies are the great equalizers but should someone become ill at the beach they will usually be attended to by doctors, nurses, vets, congressmen, lawyers, factory and office workers, and possibly a senator.

Those who feel the need to stay covered are called ‘textiles’ by the naturist community and do come under suspicion as to why they are at a naked beach, but all are welcome. Some need a little gentle coaxing but once the deed is done and the suit is off they never look back. Your first time may be harrowing but one you will never forget once you get over that first hurdle.

  Most of these beaches are self-regulated and this seems to work quite well. Cameras are not allowed and have been known to ‘go for a swim’ if reminders are ignored. Anyone who thinks it must be a great place to become more than amorous are warned or nicely escorted out. The beaches are clean and well cared for because they are few and far between and those of us who use them want to keep them that way.

  So, go for it sometime. It’s like jumping from an airplane the first time; scary but life-changing.

Naked Jen

  My PhotoHere’s a blog produced by a woman who delights in being nude, whether it’s convenient or not.   She writes mostly about her everyday life with and without clothes with a bouyant sense of humor, and she loves her dogs!

  She makes no bones about what she thinks of folks who have the wrong attitude about bare skin.  It’s a fun read and certainly worth a visit!                     Naked Jen

Ladies Only

Guys, go away.  This is for the gals.  It’ll bore you.

32A-breasts   Ok girls, now that they’re gone, let’s get down to business.  We’re talking breasts here.  Boobs, tits, racks, knockers.

  Guys worry about their ‘size’, right?  And women always tell them that it doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts!  Ok…

  Women, on the other hand, are never concerned about breast size, never ever.  Sure.  Anyway, the following website is all about breasts and the women that own them.  Nothing sexy, just boobs and their owners.  All sizes and shapes, the idea is to help you feel comfortable about what you have and see how others deal with theirs.

And for you guys that didn’t get the hint and leave, if you go to the site, please take the time to read what the women say about how they feel about themselves and their breasts.  You might learn something.

Normal Breasts Gallery 

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Self-Image: A Woman’s Perspective

   Nude Bathsheba Thoughts about self, body, and other’s opinions.

  Showing Off My Assets

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