Chinese View Young American Nudists

New York Youth Hold Naked Party, Chinese Netizen Reactions

 All Nudist has MOVED to

That’s the headline of an article purporting to give those of us outside of China a glimpse into how the Chinese view the Western world, and themselves; we cannot attest to its accuracy or validity.  The comments afterwards, while interesting, unfortunately are not so different from those we see made by textile westerners.  Ignorance, it appears, is universal.  They do have a particular flavor though, reflective of the Chinese culture.

“If this were in China, you couldn’t avoid being called perverted/deviant and behaving indecently!”   Sound familiar?

It should be remembered however, that it is we, the Western world, who are the ‘barbarians’ and are being measured on a yardstick which reaches far longer than our piddly western democracies have existed.

While you’re at this site, read the ‘about’ and check out some other articles to see how the Chinese see our world, according to this websites operators, at least.  Some of it may make you squirm a bit…

Isn’t it interesting that all around the world it’s the repressive, non-‘evolved’ societies that have such a big problem with ‘modern’ ideas of social nudism?  On the other hand, it’s also often the most ‘primitive’ societies that have very little problem with it!


Nudists Eye Youth Movement

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