If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

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“You have THE grossest nipples I have ever seen. I understand that you are a nudist and proud of your body and such, but really. Disgusting. – Anonymous”

Imagine waking up in the morning and checking into your various social media sites and finding this lovely little gem addressed to you!  What a great way to start the day!

Mary Clare is co-owner of Terra Cotta Inn, a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs, CA. and well-known around the internet nudist community.  She writes articles and posts photos relating to our lifestyle on several different websites and social media, doing her share to promote nudism as a healthy, comfortable lifestyle.   Her own image is often included and invariably presents a cheerful, happy picture of nudism.

And then there are Bozos like the one that left that comment.  We’ve seen them all over the ‘net; just look into any chat room, Facebook comment string, or in the comments to an article.  It doesn’t matter what the subject is, they always have the same response: negative.  Their goal is to hurt, not help.

These sad, lonely and friendless individuals are so full of anger and frustration about their own failure in life that all they can do is vent about others people’s perceived shortcomings.  They go straight to the attack hoping to inflict some damage before being booted out or made to look the fool by some other, more reasonable person.  The pain they cause others helps quell the pain they feel within themselves.  Self-loathing is a terrible thing.

In any event, we can’t do much about them other than ignore or remove their comments.  Their type of ‘contribution’ adds nothing to the discussion and their sickness cannot be cured by sharing it.

There are three articles attached below which address this issue and cover the bases pretty well.  Possibly nothing good will be accomplished by all this attention but then again, maybe it will give someone pause before they lash out at a stranger for no reason other than the desire to hurt.

After all, it’s pretty rude to walk into someone else’s living room when the door’s been left open for you, and start insulting the hosts.  Really, all we’re asking for is a little respect, ok?  Common courtesy, civil behavior.  Please?

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