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(Some) Gay Men vs. Naturism

  • “”Over the years…the deviants that have taken over, portraying themselves as naturists”
  • “It’s a problem repeated at beaches around the country”
  • “more and more complaints. It is also a well-known gay meeting place.”
  • “It’s people like [them] who are giving us a bad name.”
  • “The lewd behaviour is the concern. It is not against the law to go naked on a beach”
  • “the problem has been allowed to fester for years “
  • “You’ve got your genuine naturists, for us it’s a philosophy”

Well? Getting tired of reading about this, story after story, day after day?  Then DO something! Tell them to stop! Report them to the police, take a pic and send to police, take down license numbers, discuss it in your club, contact national organizations, write letters to the editor, call representatives, TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO STOP DOING IT!

This is not a ‘gay vs straight’ issue; this is perverted, illegal behavior which shouldn’t be countenanced by anyone, gay or straight.

There is already a backlash against gay men quietly forming in the nudist community.  More and more people, All Nudist included, are becoming tired of being apologists for gays in general, saying it’s only a few bad apples and not all  gay men who cause the problems.  Most gays are just as upset as the rest of us, right?

The gay naturist community has remained largely silent about it and, in some cases, tacitly approved of these perverted and illegal practices.  No support there.  Where are the gay naturism advocates?

It’s taken many years and a lot of effort to reach the present level of acceptance that gay people enjoy now; let’s not lose those gains just because some gay men are sexually deviant and the rest of them are afraid to speak out.   We think it’s just some; we’re beginning to wonder.

If gay men want to be accepted into the nudist community, as we expect the real gay NUDISTS do, then they damn well better start acting like the rest of that community or all gay men are going to find themselves left out.

As we’ve said over and over, it’s not a GAY problem, it’s a BEHAVIOR problem.   But… the behavior problem is mostly a GAY MALE problem and that aspect of it cannot be ignored, as is usually done in some misguided effort to be politically correct and avoid appearing to be ‘homophobic’.

That fear is what stops this discussion from going anywhere.  Whenever the subject comes up it’s either “You’re homophobic!” or “Those damn gays are all alike!”  Both are wrong, we hope.

Our national organizations are reluctant to touch the issue for both the above reason plus the fact they owe their existence to the promotion of nudism/naturism as a squeaky-clean, problem-free, happy-happy family image.  Baloney.  We have our problems just like everyone else and pretending they don’t exist is not going to fix anything.  A fake image is no image.

What’s the solution?  We don’t know.  We do know that this type of behavior is much more of a threat to social nudism than public opinion or religious zealots.  This is more of a danger than falling association memberships or an ageing nudist population.  More of a problem than recruiting younger nudists or getting more nude beaches.

This threat, a worldwide threat, is the one that can close beaches to us, turn public opinion against us, cause legislation against us, and make the terms ‘nudist’ and ‘naturist’ come to mean something foul and disgusting.

Now go ahead; disagree and try to argue against that point.  But you ask, what about swingers and others that cause problems?  Don’t even go there; the behavior is just as wrong, of course, but the problem is minuscule compared to the gay male perversion invasion.  First things first.

Why are we bringing this up?  Why are we making such a big deal of it?  And who are we to be saying these things?  Just a couple of pretty ordinary nudists who have supported the position of gays for as long as we’ve been writing.  We live in a largely gay/lesbian neighborhood, have a gay ‘adopted’ son, a gay cousin, a gay nephew and his husband, a bi niece, a gay brother and his wonderful husband, numerous gay co-workers, have set up a website for a lesban-owned business, list gay organizations on our website, and live in a gay-friendly community.  Oh yeah, and have gay friends of both genders.  Hell, we even drove 30 miles and climbed a small mountain (ok, big hill) once for a gay neighbor’s wedding!

Are we anti-gay?  What do YOU think?

We’re doing this because anybody who accuses us of being homophobic is so obviously obtuse that we can ignore them.  They’re attatcking the messenger because they don’t want to deal with the message.   Our gay friends will not run away from us screaming because they agree!   We hold no public office or association position which could be adversely affected by being honest, we have no dog in this fight other than wanting to protect our nudist/naturist lifestyle.

What we hope to do is stimulate honest, civil, reasoned discussion about this problem throughout the nudist/naturist community., something which is happening only among a few bloggers right now.  We need everyone to be talking about it and putting their combined abilities and insights together to find some way to alleviate the problem.  There’s a lot of brain power available within our community and only by tapping that resource can we hope to win this battle; we can’t wait for our national associations to finally realize and admit that the problem exists.  By then it will be too late, if it isn’t already.

We’ve found in the past that if All Nudist posts something that’s controversial or ruffles feathers it will travel a lot farther than this little blog can reach all alone.  We’re hoping that this essay pisses off a lot of gays and straights, enough so that they share it with others and talk about it.    The stupid ones will complain about that ‘anti-gay’ All Nudist website and send their friends here for a laugh.

Great!  And out of all the folks who come here mad and read this, at least some will get the idea, agree, and maybe, just maybe, do something about it.

That’s a start.

Nudists, nudists, nudists…   If you were Mom and Pop Textile, wouldn’t you have some concerns about having a nudist beach near you?  We sure would!

There are, of course, “good guys’ out there, and D.A.M.N. appears to be oneof them according to their stridently stated position:

 ‎”D.A.M.N. is a social organization. Sexual activity and any other type of misconduct will not be allowed at any function. Anyone involved in such conduct will have his membership revoked.”

“D.A.M.N has two rules: No sex and No Clothes are`allowed at our functions.”

Now that sounds like a naturist club!  Compare that to the gay naturist sorganization which advises its participants as to which area of the event is reserved for ‘public sexual displays’.

D.A.M.N. Dallas Area Male Naturists 

Afterword:  If you read the comments below you will find that not everyone agrees that perverts having open sex on public beaches is a problem.  In fact, some like the one below insist that the problem lies instead with the naturists who dare to invade the pervs territory then complain!  We owe ‘Patrick’ a thank-you for demonstrating so aptly that there are indeed some very sick individuals among us, masquerading as nudists in order to act out their twisted sexual fantasies.  The saddest thing is, he really doesn’t think he’s sick; he thinks everyone else is!

Nudist Youth Camp Season

A reader recently asked us where to find a nudist youth camp for their youngster so we thought we’d gather some information for those considering that idea.  Here’s what we found through an admittedly brief search.

We personally have had no experience with this subject and would recommend that any camp considered be checked out with AANR or TNS first, just to make sure that everything is up to snuff.

There has been some controversy in the past but we haven’t heard much lately, at least any directly related to youth camps.  Do your homework and good luck!

Old Enough to Make a Lanyard, and to Do It Nude –

Some Perspective on Naturist Youth Camps – SCNA

Sunsport Gardens Youth Camp – Sunsport Gardens

The War Against Youth Camps – The Bare Times

Naturist Society 2012 Events – TNS

Youth Camp Faces Criticism From Politicians – Arizona Republic

2003 AANR Youth Camp Controversy – Professors and Researchers Special Interest Group –  The Naturist Society

Be prepared to do some explaining to your friends, co-workers, minister, and  anyone else who decides to Google for information about this wholesome family activity.  The articles listed above are the good search results we found; the rest were mostly porn or negative, as is to be expected when searching nudist topics.  Unfortunately, those are the ones that people see the most and use to unfairly categorize us all.   So what else is new?

YNA, Sex, All Nudist

All Nudist has MOVED to

We recently posted an article from Young Naturists America (YNA) on our Facebook page resulting in a question from Felicity of YNA.  Here’s the posting and our  reply which was too long to post there (and maybe here too!):

YNA was PR sponsor for naturism at a sex party – “Nobody got naked or had sex.”

 Well, that sure sends a clear message that naturism isn’t about sex. Of course, not everyone feels that way. No worry; the general public knows that nudism is not about sexuality and won’t misinterpret this, right?

 Most importantly, it will add members to YNA! You know, the ones attending the sex party… 😉
The Guilty Pleasure Party at the Museum of Sex took place last week, and I am happy to report it was a fruitful event for YNA!

Felicity Jones: Are you being sarcastic all nudist? Even if you’re not, I don’t know why you keep referring to the event as a sex party.

All Nudist: Felicity – Where would you get that idea? Everything in the intro is straight out of YNATNS, or AANR documents or public statements, or a reasonable extrapolation thereof.  ‘Sex party’ is simply a shortcut for ‘sex museum/sex store party celebrating sexuality, sexual aids, sexy attire, and sexually suggestive performance involving a group of folks very interested in sex’.  What else would you call it?  Somehow, ‘Tupperware party’ doesn’t seem to apply!    😉

As you are well aware, YNA has taken ‘naturism‘ in new directions, and has done so very successfully.  Not everyone agrees with that or feels it is good for ‘the cause’.  All Nudist has consistently supported YNA and the other youth groups in their efforts to bring some life to our aging and somewhat calcified lifestyle which is becoming polarized between mom & pop clubs, beaches, and high-end resorts.  We also speak up when we feel mistakes have been made.

There is a gap today where young urban folks don’t fit.  Lacking easy beach access or local camps (where individually they’re likely to be uncomfortable or unwanted among fossils anyway), there is little incentive to explore the idea of nudism/naturism.  YNA fills that gap.

Just how YNA accomplishes that sometimes grates against those insistent upon traditional naturist values and behavior; it is seen as a threat to established order and tradition.  There is concern that the ‘wholesome, family oriented’ image of naturism will be soiled by combining nudism with normal young adult behavior.  Young people, you see, still like to have fun in ways often frowned upon by mainstream nudists who have forgotten what it means to be young.

Nudists have long learned that most forms of affection or (dare we say it?) playful sexual interest in another person are strictly forbidden at nudist venues.  Your predecessors have had the fear of adverse public opinion drilled into them through decades of persecution by a suspicious public and have had to hide their hobby lest their lives be destroyed.  Sex, or even the suggestion of it, is the wolf huffing and puffing at the nudist door.

Today’s young nudist has little to fear from ‘exposure’ in a society where simple nudity is small stuff compared to other formerly taboo behavior which is now not only tolerated, but celebrated.  You are able to enjoy the nudist lifestyle with a freedom that previous generations could only imagine.  You are also able to enjoy it in ways which have not been widely available in the past.  Some of those ways are so alien to traditional ways that they appear to be incompatible with mainstream naturist values.

And maybe they are.  But like it or not, YNA is a leader in the ‘new nudism’ which will change the way we practice our pastime.  As the world changes and small clubs close, as nudity becomes more common in non-traditional situations, and modern attitudes infuse the naturist community, functions such as those YNA sponsors may become much more of a mainstream practice and be considered perfectly acceptable by all.

Until then, though we applaud YNA‘s bold ventures into this new world of nudism and accept change as inevitable and ultimately beneficial, as an advocate for traditional nudist/naturist values All Nudist will continue to speak out when we feel those representing social nudism do things which stretch the boundaries of our lifestyle or present it in a questionable light.  YNA‘s members may be able to go boldly forth into the future, but the rest of us must live in the reality of today, and that includes placating a society which can end our lifestyle with a stroke of a legislator’s pen.

The fact the we said nothing before the party and only this mild tongue-in-cheek mention now should be considered a compliment, not a major criticism.  Ground-breakers like YNA must expect some flak now and then; it’s part of the deal.  Be glad when that criticism is constructive rather than condemning and consider it as a window into other viewpoints.

It’s easy to become myopic and defensive when others see things differently; better to know what you’re up against and consider your actions carefully lest you create opposition instead of support.  Leaders lead by example and gain allies by considering the values of others, not by dismissing those values as invalid or inconsequential.

We are right to question some things, and the fact that we do indicates that they may be approaching that undefined line between acceptable and unacceptable. If YNA or anyone else chooses to tread close to that line, then they should be prepared to get a reaction.  How they respond to that is the demonstration of a true leader.

Was I being sarcastic?  Maybe a little, in a nudge-nudge, wink-wink sort of way.  Just pointing out a small dichotomy between traditional and non-traditional interpretations of what naturism represented in the past and what it is becoming.  C’mon, who could resist a set-up like that?

Now, this was a very long explanation of a pretty simple concept, but if it clarifies our position as to YNA and it’s relationship to the changes coming to our lifestyle, then it was worth it.  We support your efforts to recruit young folks but sometimes question the methods; that’s not such a bad thing.

After all, we could have used all this space to condemn YNA‘s ‘assault’ on traditional naturism and the ‘damage’ it may be causing, but instead focused on the positive.  We’re not your enemy; consider us a nosy neighbor who likes you but feels compelled to chide you when the music’s too loud!

Please keep one thing in mind, All Nudist  will always work towards what we feel is best for our lifestyle.  Not everyone will agree with us, we may err on the side of caution, but we will always give our honest opinion on topics affecting  the nudist/naturist community.

Right now, YNA and the other youth groups are the biggest thing to happen to social nudism since the invention of the swimming pool!  You’re making waves and shaking foundations;  you can expect to receive some attention…and you will.  Oh yes, you most certainly will!


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Shameful Nudists? What Shame?

Privacy, not shame.

(We have moved to

There’s an article at MojoNude discussing nudists and our tendency to ‘hide’ from the world in order to do our thing.  A quote attributed to NURBA suggests that we do so out of shame and the it’s time we stand up and be counted.  Not a new idea, and not a bad idea, but based on a common fallacy that we are ashamed of our lifestyle.   Wrong;  Nudists are not ashamed of being nudists.

Now, it might be an easy to assume that someone who keeps what they do secret, doesn’t talk about it with friends or family, only does it in hiding, and doesn’t even give out their last name to those they do it with just might have something they’re ashamed of , don’t ya think?

Think Christians in Imperial Rome.  Jews in 1940 Germany.  Gays in 1960’s America.  Need more?

There are other reasons to ‘hide in the woods’ that have nothing to do with shame. There is no shame in choosing to be among like-minded folks in a comfortable setting away from the rest of society.  The Masonic Temple; Skull and Bones at Yale; Knights of Columbus;  Boy Scouts; even closed sessions of Congress, for crying out loud.  People who congregate together are not always up to no good and ashamed of what they’re doing.  Scratch Congress from that list, come to think of it, though I doubt they feel any shame!

Do those spending a week at Disney World hide there in shame? Do people in gated communities live there out of a sense of shame, or to be secure from those they do not wish to associate with? Are religious retreats shameful or a place for solitude and reflection? Is the Caribbean tourist industry based on shame or the desire to get away to someplace fun with other folks who are doing the same?

Nudists ‘hiding out’

It’s against the law to play baseball in the middle of a freeway; is there shame in using a baseball stadium instead? Just because something is illegal or inappropriate in some circumstances does not mean it is shameful.  Sex is not shameful yet people ‘hide’ to engage in it, as they do when giving birth or having a tooth pulled. Time and place for everything.

Nudists go to nudist places because there are other nudists there and the venue is designed for nudists and their comfort. At a nudist club there is no threat of gawkers staring or of religionists ranting, folks have something in common even if they don’t know each other, the grounds are easy on bare feet, and nobody snickers at the fat lady. They’re nice places to be!

But don’t we hide when we sunbathe in our own backyards? Hell yes! We’re not stupid; it’s illegal and we don’t want to be arrested. That’s not shame, that”s common sense. Do we keep our pastime secret? Yes, but out of fear of retribution by a shameful, wrongheaded society, not because we’re ashamed!So why do’t we stand up and shed our ‘shame’ along with our clothes? Why don’t we take to the streets and demand our rights?

Hero to a cause

Because most of us are not cut out to be heroes. Not everyone is ready to risk job, family, and community position over, when it comes right down to it, a desire to run around naked. It’s just not that important.Nurba is to be commended for their efforts on behalf of social nudism and we wish them every success in their endeavor. The younger generation has much more latitude in their chosen lifestyles than previous generations and perhaps they can accomplish more publicly without requiring folks to be martyrs to the cause.

Today, just about anything goes in the way of lifestyle choices and simple nudity is the least ‘odd’ of any. Young folks can engage in activities that would have cost their parents their careers or have gotten them locked up had it become publicly known what they do. Times change.

Today, when a twenty-something purple-haired transsexual covered with tats and piercings who works in the porn industry introduces his husband and mentions that they’re nudists…nobody bats an eye. Well, actually and sadly, maybe they do. “You’re a nudist?”   (sounds like that joke about the naked man with an Uzi!)

But you get the point. It should be easier for today’s nudist activist to openly promote nudism without fear of retribution. There’s no shame in Suzy having two mommies and there’s no shame in enjoying an allover tan;  shame only happens when someone is ashamed of what they do, and I don’t know of any nudists who feel that way. Cautious, yes. Ashamed, no.

Am. Nudist Research Library

Nurba is correct in saying that the public is sadly under informed about our lifestyle and that we should do what we can to spread the word, but is slightly off-track when saying that this is because we have failed to try to educate them out of shame.  Many people over many years have tried to do so with varying degrees of success, but never out of a sense of shame.  Like Jehovah’s Witnesses we evangelize about our lifestyle to those who will listen but, as also applies to the Witnesses, only those who will listen will get the message.

It’s incorrect to imply that we have failed to convert the world to nudism out of shame, or that we hide from the world out of shame.  We have failed to convert the world because we are challenging one of the most basic tenets of civilization and it’s one helluva lot easier to go to our camps than it is to risk everything for some pipe-dream of walking down the street naked.

And realistically, most of us wouldn’t go out naked in public even if it was legal; not because of shame but because legal or not, the rest of the world would laugh or swear at us and that would take all the fun out of it.  No matter what the law says or how much we preach, that won’t change.  Nudists hang around with other nudists because we have learned not to feel shame about our bodies, our lifestyle,  or ourselves.  We don’t go to our places to hide our shame from them; we go there to get away from their sense of shame about themselves and the harmful effects it has on Textile society.

This essay isn’t meant to bash NURBA or make a big deal over a simple statement tossed out at random; it’s to address this shame issue that pops up once in a while.  When people tell us that we are ashamed of what we do, or say that shame is what keeps us silent, they are mistaken and we should let them know.  It’s the old “Say something often enough and it becomes true” thing.  Well, it’s not true.

We are nudists, we are proud, we like to hang around with other nudists, and…we like to keep our jobs.  That’s not shame, that’s common sense.  The next generation has fewer excuses and less to fear; here’s the torch, go for it!

What is Nude Recreation? – AANR Video

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