What does #kkkkkkkkk mean on Twitter or Google+?

Ok, so Angie and I don’t exactly live right at the cutting edge of technology.  We don’t have an iPhone but know what one is because we have 5 kids who do.  Angie got a Kindle for Christmas and is thrilled to death with it; I finally got the surroundsound/amp/TV/cable/DVD/VCR/Roku/radio/computer/alarm hooked up and running (properly!) after only three or four years!  We’re getting there, slowly.

So when new shortcuts and memes and hashtags pop up we usually don’t know what the hell they mean until somebody tells us.  By then, they’re usually not popular anymore and no one’s using them except Angie and Steve.  But hey, we’re trying!

Tonight I asked Angie what ‘KKKKKKK’ means since I’ve been seeing it a lot lately.  I wasn’t sure if it was an expression of appreciation or gagging.  She hadn’t heard of it yet.  Then,  just like a light bulb exploding (not really), I got the bright idea of Googling it!  Sure enough, there it was big as day:

      What does #kkkkkkkk mean on Twitter or Google+

      Oct 7, 2011 – kkkkkkkk: it means laughing in korean. … Definition of                                  #kkkkkkkk. Tweet this definition. Perhaps you want to vote up another definition, or scroll …

You can go click on it and see what we saw or, since you now know (thanks to us!) what it means, you can save the effort!  See how we here at All Nudist are alwys looking out for you!

Now you can go boldly forth into the socialsphere secure and confident that you not only know what kkkkkkk means but can now safely use it!  But you better hurry up and use it soon; after all, if we know what it means it’s probably already on it’s way out!

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