When Nudism Stinks

  This is one of those stories that either makes you laugh or cry.

The battle for San Onofre Beach in sunny California, site of many court battles in recent years, rages on.  Officials insist that it’s just coincidence that when a 10 foot sea-lion decided to croak on a popular textile beach they happened to bury it (mostly) next to a nudist volleyball court, “a perfectly reasonable burial-place”.  Oops, sorry about that.  Local nudists think something stinks about that explanation.

If the smell of hundreds of pounds of rotting meat wasn’t enough to clue anyone in, then the fin sticking out of the sand was a dead giveaway…  In all fairness it must be said that they reburied it deeper, though the smell remains.

So let’s hear it for the guardians of public morals.  And lets look forward to future sewage treatment plants being located next to nudist venues!

Full article:  Nudists upset over buried beach carcass

4 Responses

  1. This carcass was carried almost 5 miles from the beach where it was found to where it was ultimately buried. It could have been buried where it was found, but it sounds to me like it was done on purpose to offend nudists by the smell!


  2. It is shaimful to stupe to these type of tactics just to anoy people with whome you disagree. And to be so obvious and childish as to do a less-than adaquet job of it.

    I hope that my fellow naturists don’t repay evil for evil, but does kindness in return. This kind of responce would do more good for the cause of freedom from wet baithingsuits and tan lines in the minds of the public.

    Admin response: Read this comment about three times, the last time out loud. It’s much more clear and quite valid.


  3. I read that DPS made some kind of lame excuse like not enough sand at the first beach, issued a half-assed appology, and buried it deeper but still at San Onofre.

    Still, I have to wonder if the parks department decided on San Onofre just because “it would show those nudists.” I wouldn’t put it past them.


  4. me & my girl love to drive naked


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