Our First Time Nudist Together

Angie’s first time, Steve’s view:           (published 1/29/2008)

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While Angie and I were first getting to know each other I mentioned that I was a naturist.  Just thought she should know in case things got serious.  She thought that was nice.

Well, then I discovered that she thought that it was nice that I like trees and such.  Hmm.  Guess it’s time to explain the difference between naturist and naturalist.

She says she had to do some serious thinking about who I was and what she might be getting into.  Can’t blame her.  I mean, to most people (sadly) that’s kind of like saying “By the way, I’m a cannibal Nazi and sacrifice children every other Saturday”.  Know what I mean?

She decided I was worth a try anyway.  A few weeks into our relationship I took her to Mazo Beach, mid-winter, a sunny 45 degree day.  Plenty of oil.  Off go the clothes (sand was warm) and we took a hike along the beach.  She loved it!  Along the way we ran into a young couple, dressed properly for winter, engrossed in their laptops.  They seemed a bit surprised to see us.  Didn’t occur to us until later that they might not have realized they were at the Midwest’s most famous nude beach!  After all, it was February and no one was there and there aren’t signs saying “Run away, run away!  Naked people ahead!”  But WE were.  Woo woo.  He wouldn’t look and she acted, well, about how you would expect someone to react to running into naked people at the mall.  Lotsa self-conscious giggles.  Trying to act normal when a really weird thing is happening.  We said howdy and kept walking.  Got a chuckle out of that one.

Rest of the day was eventless but terrific, and Angie was hooked!  Yay!           -Steve

Angie’s first time, Angie’s view:

I met this man (Steve), got to know him, and really thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I thought I finally found the man for me.  Then he dropped the ‘bomb’.  He wasn’t a tree hugger; he was a nudist.  Oh my!  He told me because this is such an important part of his life he didn’t think he could be with someone who had a problem with it.  I told him I needed time to process this and spent a couple of days trying to imagine the naturist life.

I was a repressed professional who had never done anything against the grain, so-to-speak.  Steve spent time explaining the whole experience and I decided to take him up on the idea of going to the beach in mid-winter.  It was so beautiful and no one was there so I thought “why not?”  Once the clothes were off and the oil on I absolutely basked in the sun and beauty of the riverfront.  I was sold.  Once you take your clothes off you do feel more free than you have ever felt in your life.

From that first trip, to my 2 years worth of trips to the beach and our camp, I have always been in awe of the wonder of this fabulous way to experience life.  I will never go back to textile.  Unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to have to live in a textile world the rest of the time!

I ‘came out’ to my adult kids and sisters and because they know what a conservative person I was, they are actually asking questions about it and are showing some interest.  Who knows, maybe they will take the plunge.

It’s still way too cold here (-20 degrees wind chill) but we are cozy and naked.  That’s what heaters are for, right?

As you all know, it is a wonderful experience and I am soooo glad that I made that first trip to the beach.  It is even more wonderful to speak to people who also know.  Take it from us, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can be naked! (But Florida is looking really good right now!)


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  1. I would love to get my wife to do that.

    Can’t get her there.


  2. I am white , and this is the first time that I have been open about my lifestyle . I am not ashamed of it but I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it .
    I am with a black woman who is a nudist and is very open with it to me . If this comes through OK email me and let me know . (Admin: Nooo, don’t think so. You can come back and check!)

    I would love to go and do this but there isn’t a place here for us to go . I really wished that there was . Neither one of drives .

    Admin: Have you checked to see what’s near to you? Taxi? Friends? Some places even have a shuttle from airports, hotels, etc. Check out nudist/naturist clubs near you, maybe someone could give you a lift or an event (pool party, house party) might be close to you. Keep looking and don’t give up!

    Comment back here with your location and maybe someone will be able to suggest something!


  3. hears hoping


  4. Good luck!


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  6. This is definitely a great story told from two points of view, and also a subject for reflection for me in the current period of my life.

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  8. This ‘Category, (https://allnudist.wordpress.com/category/about-us/) has articles relating to Angie and Steve. The website has hundreds of articles covering every topic but we no longer maintain it. We have moved to http://www.All-Nudist.com.


  9. Excellent article. I’m experiencing some of these issues as

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  10. Please go to our current website, http://www.All-Nudist.com. You will find much more info about newcomers plus sections for first-timers, women, mismatched nudist/non-nudist couples and more!


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