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  1. . I am a Christian and a naturist too. I live in South Africa. I don’t judge other that differs from my view. If you would like to know more, please visit my blog – http://naturisminsouthafrica.blogspot.com/ Please comment. Have a blessed naturist day in the Lord.


  2. Christian Nudist Convocation has been disbanded. Christian Naturists of America (CNA) is now doing the work begun by CNC.

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  3. pipermac5 http://pipermac5.wordpress.com/ Do you have a link for that? I can’t find one.


  4. I am disappointed to find that the link to Christian Naturist Fellowship takes me to an adult dating site. It should be http://WWW.cnfellowship.wordpress.com
    Could it please be corrected.


  5. That often happens when a site changes hosts and the old address goes up for grabs. We retained our All-Nudist.com address to provent that from happening.

    I’ll fix that Christian URL (If I can remember how!). There are likely very many such broken links here and I;m not going to bother to find and fix ALL of them! 😉


  6. Have there been any theorys God told Isaiah to spread his word without clothes? Would have been the way a common worker would look? Would it be age of the first Olympians, so to spears Gods word to the famous Athletes of the day?


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