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  1. remember when they did this to me.
    I’m afraid google+ is turned into worse nude Natzys the Face Book


  2. Thank you, all I’ve read & seen so far has been both interesting & entertaining. Naturism is a lifestyle choice, why should it be so difficult to live as a naturist. How many naturists hear that sharp intake of breath or gasp of amazement when they say “I’m a naturist”. I have seen looks of shock/horror & as many laughs or really happy curiosity. Now I can just point people in the direction of this page !


  3. Thank you Patrick. We don’t expect everyone to agree with all that we say (it IS just our opinion after all) but the original intention of this site was for it to be somewhere folks could go or send interested friends and be sure that they wouldn’t be led into some of the murky places that call themselves ‘nudist’ on the internet.

    All of the links here have been visited by us and though we feel some of them may be questionable in some ways, they all share some basic and commonly held ideas about social nudism. A newcomer should get a pretty fair idea of what it’s about without being exposed to some of the weird things that pass for nudism/naturism on the web.

    So sure, send ’em here and let them see for themselves. There are some ‘newbie’ articles that may be of particular use, if you can find them!


  4. […] All Nudist Everywhere! […]


  5. raining here but on a bike ride home from the Gym I was thinking how unnatural it is the wear clothes, dose any one else feel that way?


  6. I don’t think anyone is going to hear you, Robin. This website is no longer in use. We’ve moved to All-Nudist.com. But for what it’s worth, WE agree! Had to dress to go to the store today and thought once again, how stupid and uncomfortable it is!


  7. Hi All,
    Yes nudist is everywhere! Now we also have the first naturist resort in Phuket Thailand name Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket where you can find the most beautiful sea sand and sun in Thailand all year round. Lemon Tree Resort is an active member of Naturist Association of Thailand and resort plus member of Australian Naturist Federation. The resort is located in one of the most popular tourist areas of tranquil Nai Harn Beach in the South of Phuket Island. The most important is Nude Beach and Island is nearby and can be arranged by the resort. Welcome all naturists to visit. Further information please visit LemonTreeResortPhuket.com


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