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  1. Steve, thanks for your blog. I have enjoyed your writing for quite some time. Living nude is truly enjoyable and it is my privilege to live in a nudist resort six or seven months of the year. It is good to know that Angie is by your side as you struggle with your illness and the issues of life and death. I will be remembering you. Thanks again.


  2. Nice looking blog you have here. Well presented with clear information.

    In regard to PureNudism.com, I am undecided about their motives. While one must be careful of those taking advantage of children, PureNudism is European based. Europeans are open with their naturism where all people regardless of age or gender, will sit together naked in open saunas and more.

    Admin reply: Naked Wombat, nice moniker! Not many wombats in our part of the woods…

    Agree with you about Euro-differences, etc., but am concerned more with the motives of the visitors to sites that mainly feature pretty naked people rather than focusing on nudist/naturist issues. There’s a reason their stats are so phenominal, and we doubt it’s for their intellectual content.

    GOOGLE: “PureNudism.net – FREE Nudist Pictures, Nudist Videos & Nude NewsProving Free Nudist Pictures & Nudist Videos for Nudism Community Worldwide. From family, beach to nudist FKK classic galleries, we provide free and …Nudist VIDEOS

    Ask yourself this: If the average Textile ran across one of those sites, would they come away with a changed perspective of what social nudity is about, or would their image of naturists and our ‘obsession’ with physical beauty and sex be confirmed?

    What we can say is that we have our own stats, and we’re proud to say that our postings dealing with educational topice consistantly draw many more visitors than the articles with, how can we say, slightly tittilating titles. Outweigh them by far . We believe that in itself shows that there is a valid interest out there that is being exploited by some sites claiming to represent naturists but mainly offering tit shots.

    There are several blogs that we endorse which follow the ideal, all of which stress education. Yours appears to be one of them, and we’ll be following it in the future. Thanks for the comment!

    PS. Got an e-mail from ‘Nudists International'(?) claiming that PureNudism is US based. Dunno.


  3. Thank you for linking my new family friendly naturist blog. Very much appreciated.

    Interesting if purenudism.com is American.


  4. Hello I, have been a Family Nudist for a long, long time. I am a 3rd degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. No speial interst groups exist to treat the adult white belt classes and/or women’s seminars in self defense!!

    I am interested in forming with other nudist such activities my e is zimoiibeastivan@live.com this is NOT to sell anything but to promote new perspectives in the intrest of our life style.

    Yours ; Stephen


  5. We would like to link our site Australasian Nudist Couples Network with yours, we have banners and html script on our mainpage to use. We will of course return the favour. ANCN is a couples only group for Australians and New Zealanders verification is mandatory it is not open to just anyone., we also have another site for the rest of the world called World Wide Nudist Couples Network http://wwnc-n.ning.com/ I have not had a chance as yet to make banners for this site but will work on it. Again verification is mandatory.

    Admin reply: We’ve added a link, we don’t do banner ads. Thanks.


  6. hi, I am fresh in here, any one willing to lead me?

    Admin: Well, you can have it two ways: You can go back to our original postings and work forward (that’ll take a couple of years) or try the ‘Condensed’ version to get started. And don’t forget to look around ‘catagories’ for some ideas. That’s three ways, the third one is free!


  7. Thailand Naturist Association
    The Lumra Naturist Meetup 18 Feb 2011
    The NAT 2011 will take place the long weekend from Friday 18 February – Sunday 20 February 2011. The whole Lumra Resort in has been reserved for this Annual REALLY BIG Thailand Naturist Meetup! If you have ever wanted to try naturism in Thailand this is your chance in a most perfect and remote place.
    The event is only four months away so start planning… become a member today! Do your planning to be there!
    This Meetup is open to members of Thailand Naturist Association (membership is free and open to anyone that agrees with the naturist way of life and beliefs.
    Activities: Relaxing, sunbathing, swimming in the ocean (it’s beach front), body painting, volleyball, foot races, bad mitten, beach comber/scavenger hunt, kite flying and anything else we can dream up. If anyone knows Yoga (I think the manager f the resort knows Yoga) or Tai Chi Chuan it would be nice to give a demonstration.


  8. Hi, Apologies for this blatant attempt at self promotion but I’m hoping some of your readers may be interested to learn more about the first environmentally friendly, off-grid, clothing optional campsite in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia).

    We would much appreciate inclusion(s) in your links list as you see fit. Our website is http://www.full-monte.com but Denise also maintains a blog detailing the trials and tribulations of trying to establish a clothing optional resort and following a more environmentally aware path in Montenegro. Your readers can find her blog here http://www.full-monte.com/blog.

    Admin: Well! Having looked over your website and blog I can only say that you sure are working hard! My parents were in their 50’s when they took on the task of creating a compground out of 120 acres of forest and meadow, by hand! It’s a lot of work but it looks like you’re up to it. Eco-friendly is pretty cool and sure to be a draw, not ot mention economically helpful. We wish you luck and hope you keep us posted now and then about how things are going!

    We’ll post your site under ‘destinations’ and the blog with the rest of the blogs listed.




  10. GOOD! YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! But you don’t need to shout, ok? Look around the website; it’s either here or on a link here. Good luck!


  11. Hello,

    I went through your website. I wanted to suggest the referencing of a naturist institution that opens its doors from June 1, 2019.

    Located in a heavenly spot, Oriental Beach Village Phuket is nestled between a tropical forest just by the sea.

    An emotion that deserves to be shared on your site, I have managed to reference the Oriental Beach Village Phuket.

    If you respond favorably, I could send you a description and photos of the Resort Naturiste.

    Kind regard,



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