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A Perfect Nudist World?

  Source: A Perfect Nudist World?

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My Thoughts on Nudism

Originally posted on New Worlds:

Note #1: My thoughts on nudism are constantly in flux. As a result, this post is subject to change. Also: If I offend anyone or anger anyone, let me know in the comments section and we can talk about it. It is not my intent to offend or anger anyone with this post, and I’m sorry if I do.

Note #2: I am a Catholic. As a result, my thoughts on nudism will be influenced by my Catholic faith. This post is me expressing my personal opinion. Your criticism and feedback is welcome: This is a complex subject, and it is good to talk with others about it.

Note #3: A year ago, I watched a few minutes of an episode of Naked and Afraid. Afterwards, I thought to myself, “People live that lifestyle. People choose to be naked.” (The people who are on Naked and Afraid are, as far as…

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Roxy – Clothes Free Yogi

Originally posted on clothes free life:

A few weeks ago we put the call out for clothes free yogis who wanted to share their practice. Roxy answered the call.
Meet Roxy a clothes free yogini we think you should know.
This is a part of our on going series clothes free yogis you should know.

Roxy- 27/TN

My life has always been on the go. I grew up in a military family where I embraced competition. Shortly after sustaining an injury that led me to seek alternative ways to exercise, I chose to look into barre and yoga. I can’t begin to explain the revelations I’ve had about myself both mentally and physically. Yoga has taught me to calm down and focus; it’s all about tiny, slow, fluid movements. This mindset has poured over into other aspects of my life as well. I can now see that the tiny little moments of our every day actions…

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Conheça a verdadeira história da colônia nudista de Zoro Gardens

Originally posted on Os Naturistas:

A colônia nudista de Zoro Gardens ( Zoro Gardens Nudist Colony) foi uma atração que durou de 1935-1936 no Centro  Pacific International Exposition em Balboa Park,, San Diego, Califórnia.


A atração era encenada no  Zoro Garden, um jardim submerso originalmente criado em 1915-1916  para a exposição Panamá-Califórnia

Veja matéria completa aqui.


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Nudefest UK 2016 Struggling to Find a Venue

  Source: Nudefest UK 2016 Struggling to Find a Venue

The nudist, the curious and the terrified

Originally posted on My crazy life.:

Every week I have two or three new people attending my classes or coming for private sessions with me.  There seem to be three types of people that come… 1) the nudists, 2) the curious and 3) the terrified.

The nudists – just love being naked, whats not to love?!  Our bodies are amazing – what they do AND how they look.  Yoga is a great way to get some exercise and meet like minded people.

The curious – is it really just yoga?  who goes to this ‘naked yoga thing’? Could I actually DO naked yoga?! YUP, its really just yoga, people of all kinds go and I can actually DO naked yoga!!  Some are satisfied with that and come once or twice and that is it.  Usually though, they are hooked and add it in to their regular fitness regime.

Then there is the terrified.  I love this…

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New CofE bishop Karen Gorham supports Christian naturism

  There are no biblical grounds for banning naturism, says the new Bishop of Sherborne.

Source: New CofE bishop Karen Gorham supports Christian naturism

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