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Why I’m in love with Vera: A Spanish naturist odyssey

Originally posted on Clothes are optional:

Veraby Stephen Brown

Vera, dear Vera, not the first name most would automatically associate with nudity…I’m thinking:  Vera Lynn, Vera Drake or, heaven forbid, Vera Duckworth!

No, the Vera of my naturist dreams is Vera Playa, the nude resort on South East Spain’s Almeria coast. The mere mention of Vera Playa strikes glee and warmth in my naturist soul, especially as I stare out of my window on a gloomy, wet Wednesday afternoon in dear old Blighty.

For me, and thousands of other naturists, Vera Playa is the quintessential naturist resort and is now where my partner and I hope to relocate to permanently later in the year.

But to explain why I have settled on Vera above all other possible candidates for the final resting of my naturist ark, I must first take you back in time, 25 years to be exact.

Yes, this year I am celebrating my…

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What is naturism?

Originally posted on Clothing Optional:

natural beauty

Hi friends,

Buck here with a little essay on natural beauty.

Before I became a nudist and a naturist myself, growing up a textile, I had never heard of the term “naturist”. Well, being a nudist for some time, I really came to discover what naturism really is.

First of all, the root of the word, NATURE. Our human bodies are natural, how we were born, our human nature. Yes, we are obviously nudists, but we naturists are nudists that keep in mind—our naked state is our natural state. It’s not covered up by artificial coverings (a.k.a. clothes), it’s just who we really are. And as we come to respect who we really are, we in turn apply this philosophy as part of our daily lives.

Just as plants and trees are beautiful and admired for their glory, so are we. You hear some people say, there’s no such thing…

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