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What Is Nudism All About?

What Is Nudism All About?  Q&A about our great lifestyle!

Confira um refúgio hippie no Havaí formado por pessoas que pediam a paz nos anos 60

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A água era cristalina, o asfalto mais próximo ficava a quilômetros de distância, o uso de roupas era opcional, não havia regras e as decisões não eram baseadas na razão, mas em vibes.


Na primavera de 1969, treze jovens saíram das universidades dos Estados Unidos rumo a um refúgio onde buscavam paz, o encontro com a natureza e o desenvolvimento espiritual.

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World Naturist Day | The Naturist Page

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WND2015World Naturist Day was first celebrated on June 4th 2006. Though, depending where you’re from, the date will be different depending on your geological location. For instance, if you’re from the southern hemisphere, the celebration of WND would probably be sometime in December — as where the northern hemisphere tends to have these celebrations sometime in June. According to the INF, the UK will be having their celebration on June 28th. Western Cape Naturists Association had theirs on December 14th 2014.

Why is it celebrated you might ask yourself and for that, the reason may be quite obvious. World Naturist Day is celebrated in the practice of social nudity to advocate uplift self-respect for ones self and the respect of others and to the environment. Naturists believe in a clothes free lifestyle environment among like minded people around them.

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More ‘Scandalous’ Locker Room Behavior

More ‘Scandalous’ Locker Room Behavior

Naturist tribe?

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Modern tribe naturist

Correct, I’m wearing a hat. Am I supposed to burn? And boots. Would you walk on that pavement barefoot? We’re naturists, not idiots. And my bottom’s fine, thanks, but for that one welt, though if you bind a towel round the seat, the friction is minimal. If I wore shorts, my penis wouldn’t be free, would it? As God intended, look at Adam and Eve, that proves He created naturism. And central heating. Think about it: if we were meant to wear clothes, wouldn’t we have been born in them?

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Promoting Nudism in a Lot of Small Ways

Promoting Nudism in a Lot of Small Ways

Lonely Nudist Seeking Love

Lonely Nudist Seeking Love

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