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Sketch on Why Certain Women Are Always Naked in the Gym Locker Room

clothes free life

A sketch by Monica Heisey for the new all-women Canadian comedy show Baroness von Sketch

Source: NYMag

Editor’s Thoughts:

It was interesting to come across this the day after we mentioned a piece that had been done on the question of nudity, body image and younger populations.

One of the questions in the clothes free community is about why younger people do not engage in social nudism, at least in the way that those who frequent resorts do. Some comments on the topic insist that younger generations just aren’t as comfortable with their own bodies, that older people are more confident. But, as other commenting parties have noted, I would say that assumption is too simplistic.

I recall something Chelsea Handler recently mentioned in her piece for Harper’s Bazaar:

“As the youngest of six kids, I grew up spending summers on Martha’s Vineyard and I was always topless. All the pictures are of me in…

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Be You. Be Free. Naturist Women’s Hike Tickets, Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

Be Naked. Be Free. Women’s Naturist/Nudist Hike. This is a special one-time event through the luscious Catskill wilderness. A women-only event presented by naturists to explore, connect with nature and have fun in the wild. We will hike, enjoy waterfalls, skinny dip and sunbathe. Along the way we will stop for photography sessions as we please to capture this precious time in our lives. All travel and lunch is provided. Please read the FAQ’s before purchasing a ticket.  WHERE: A secluded location in the central Catskills 3 hours from NYC  WHEN:  10am – 10pm  WHO: This is a Women-only Event (aside from our professional Licensed Guide, Kevin Rosenberg, you can read more about him here to get to know him. Please Note: This is a Rain or Shine Event. There are no refunds given at any time. However, you may transfer your ticket to a sister if needed.No Alcohol or illegal drugs permitted.FAQs What if I’ve never been outdoor adventure before? Great! You are in the ideal spot. When making the choice about whether to register or not, ask your heart. Really. If the thought of joining in makes you buzz with excitement & maybe a little nervousness, that is most likely a sign that this could be a big growth opportunity. In the wild there is a built in support system. So if you are ever feeling confused, lost, unsure, there will always be someone there for you. All you have to do is ask. If the thought of coming on this adventure totally terrifies you or you not actually interested or excited at the prospect, I say invest your time, money & energy somewhere else. Find the thing that lights you up and do that. No hard feelings. If you have any more questions, at   What about food and Snacks? We will arrange for boxed lunches (MENU) or you can bring your own but avoid anything with mayo as it spoils quickly. What should I take? Backpack2 liters of waterHiking shoes or sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty, scratchedCrocs or Sandals with a backstrapSunhatSunscreenInsect RepellantCAMERA!!!A towelHow will we get there? We will pick up at Brooklyn Outfitters- Gear to Go at 10 AM (we will leave by 10:30). Note: We can make a stop at 15th Street and Union Square West in Manhattan if requested. We will then enjoy a scenic drive through the Catskills, passing through small towns and roadside farm stands. Can I take my dog? Sorry, no dogs are permitted  Are there bathrooms and showers? This trip does require peeing in the woods, although we will make bathroom stops on the way up, as well as to the other waterfalls, and on the way back. General Guidelines • No smoking  • Look after each other and be safe.  • The event is 21+, pets are not allowed. • Leave No Trace! • Respect People’s Privacy and Personal Boundaries. • Take responsibility for yourself and for your own experience. • No spectators. Don’t be a tourist… Participate! Note on Physical Exertion: This trip would be rated Moderate (TRIP RATINGS) Trip Policy: Attached waiver is required! It will be sent to you when you complete registration.  If I have more questions who can I contact? Contact Rosa at or Kevin at with any further questions.

Source: Be You. Be Free. Naturist Women’s Hike Tickets, Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

Gays, Bank Robbers, Child Molesters and Nudists Are All Alike!

An oldie about a common subject.

All Nudist

Arguing With Nudists is Pointless

The above link is someone’s article we posted on our Facebook page; below is a comment we posted referring to it on the website that had originally posted the link to that article.  Thought it deserved a bigger audience:

Just read the enlightening piece about arguing with nudists; he must be a friend of the Rev Fred Phelps, huh? It’s amazing how much hatred some of these guys can dredge up in the name of the Prince of Peace.

That was an excellent choice of articles to reference, by the way. It demonstrates the polar opposite of a nudist’s point of view while showing what extremism looks like. It also is a good example of how impartially intolerant people can be and the means by which they can twist the truth, toss in a bit of distorted myth, and come up with a reality that fits their own…

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Petition · Mitchell J. Silver: Allow Public Nudity in an area of a New York City Park ·


Source: Petition · Mitchell J. Silver: Allow Public Nudity in an area of a New York City Park ·

Naturist Travel – Beaches – Naturist guide and reviews

With its focus on naturist travel options and naturist accommodation worldwide, is brought to you by H&E naturist – the world’s leading naturist publication

Source: Naturist Travel – Beaches – Naturist guide and reviews

Seven things you can do naked in NYC

The weather is finally warm—and, let’s be honest, those clothes are restricting—so strip down to your birthday suit and enjoy these nude (or scantil

Source: Seven things you can do naked in NYC

Group win battle to strip off at Irish beach / Sunday World

NUDISTS could be coming to a beach near you as new laws get the green light, the Sunday World has learned.

Source: Group win battle to strip off at Irish beach / Sunday World

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