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Nudity is the Future

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Vera (El Playazo) ~ myNudeBeaches

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Bowling Naturiste à Boufféré (Dép.85) 12/10/2014

1  Bowling Naturiste à Boufféré, Rassemblement des Naturistes au Bowling à Boufféré

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A Donation for Kids with Cancer | Scott RedCloud

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Hair Cancer

20151119_210242[1]So many kids who suffer from cancer have to go through chemotherapy and it brings their spirits down when they loose their hair or having to go bald. I can’t imagine how or what they think, when they think or say they wish they had hair once again.

So I decided to cut my long hair and donate it to the Canadian Children’s Cancer Society for a good cause. Today, I cut off 8 inches of hair and followed the list of steps to take in doing so. Tomorrow I’ll be printing off e-label on a laser printer at a government office to send it for free of shipping in Mississauga Ontario. I guess I can say Merry Christmas from Scott RedCloud to you my child and hope it makes you smile and bring your spirits up and all the best in beating your cancer.

I could not find a…

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Full moon, time to walk naked in the woods

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7c191b20a71f146c52c4cf2d4f14fd91If you haven’t noticed it’s full moon. And full moon is an ideal moment to leave all your clothing behind to go for a naked walk in nature. Sure, it’s November and if you live in the northern hemisphere, it’s not the best time to get naked. However, if you’re lucky and live south, go for it!

There’s no other feeling as leaving everything behind and going for a long walk naked in nature under full moon. Do not plan it, just drop all your clothing, including shoes and go for a walk. Open you heart, your eyes and your ears, this sensorial activity will change you forever!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

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Good Advice for Nudist Newbies!

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Naturismo, cada família uma sentença » Os Naturistas

Ficar totalmente “à vontade” diante dos filhos exige bom senso e naturalidade. Saiba até onde ir para não chocá-los e preservar sua privacidade! Você está curtindo uma verdadeira lua-de-mel com seu amor. Além de aumentar a intimidade entre o casal, desfrutar dos prazeres da vida a dois também pressupõe maior liberdade para ficar à vontade […]

Source: Naturismo, cada família uma sentença » Os Naturistas

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