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Just a Couple of Nudists Hanging Around the Pool (vintage nsfw video)

Source: Just a Couple of Nudists Hanging Around the Pool (vintage nsfw video)

Tailgate Olympics guest post by Phil & Lynn

Originally posted on clothes free life:

As children many of us had visions of growing up and becoming Olympians. The images of Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis and Bruce Jenner fueled these dreams. We saw ourselves gracing the front of the ultimate prize………the Wheaties box!However, those dreams gave way to reality, jobs and family and were soon forgotten. Or were they? On August 22nd the Indiana Naturists, a non-landed naturist group based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, held their first annual Nude Tailgate Olympics. It wasn’t held in Berlin, Los Angeles or London but at Sunny Haven Naturist Resort in Granger, Indiana.

As we drove through the gate into this latest olympic complex we were greeted by some of the worlds greatest tailgate Olympians. Each had arrived without fanfare, news coverage or clothing with one thing in mind……having fun.

The events in the Tailgate Olympics consisted of Horseshoes, Pétanque, Corn Hole, Body Painting and Tailgating Dish (Olympians need…

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Wreck Beach Flooded… With Gawkers

Source: Wreck Beach Flooded… With Gawkers

Naked TV Shows: Naked Profit Motive (video)

Naked TV Shows: Naked Profit Motive (video)

Naturists bare complaints during demonstration at Wasaga Beach | Toronto Star

Naturists bare complaints during demonstration at Wasaga Beach | Toronto Star

The Beat Goes On at Kehena Beach (Hawaii)

Originally posted on The Meandering Naturist:

IMG_1382We’re just a little to young too have been hippies. Missed it by less than a decade, though it may well be in my gene pool. My older brother had plenty of stories about the Haight and Ashbury, and even a visit to the Fillmore to see Janis Joplin while paint splotches on an overhead projector created psychedelic images on the walls. And I alluded to my hippy naturist tendencies in a previous post, when the nudies took over a secluded swimming hole just a few miles from town, much to my father’s dismay.

IMG_1358If there were such a thing as a time machine that could crunch the last forty years into one collective, surreal, clothing-optional experience, that would probably be a visit to Kehena Beach about twenty miles outside of Hilo on the big island of Hawaii – where it seems the clock didn’t exactly stop in 1969…

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New site layout and design. Need some help.

Originally posted on Naturism for People of Color:

So I’m looking at all the other sites I’m linked to and they look so much better then mine.  :(  its time for a redesign, so help me out here guys and help me choose a new layout for wordpress that looks better.  I can actually afford to spend a little money on the site now.

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