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Welcome!  We know what you’re looking for and it will quickly become evident that we don’t do skin galleries on our website.  Since you probably arrived here from a search for that, we’d like to make that clear from the start, Ok?

   But wait!  Don’t go just yet.  Let us explain, please.

   We don’t see nude picture galleries as being important or really a part of nudism/naturism as a practice.  Some photos of folks having a good time in the nude or in context with an article is one thing, but galleries and videos to pore over goes beyond simple curiosity and moves in a direction away from nudism and into personal interests distinct from nudism itself, though shared by nudist and Textile alike.

 We try to stick more to mainstream nudist topics here and don’t delve too deeply into nudists’ personal lives and interests outside of actual nudism which are as varied as any non-nudist.  A gallery would be exploiting one possibly titillating side-interest in the guise of promoting social nudism, and we’re not gonna do that.  Galleries are attention-getters and draw a lot of traffic, but folks looking for honest nudist information don’t need to get the idea that it’s all about nude pictures.  There’s already enough public misunderstanding about our nudist lifestyle without muddying the water by adding a lot of gratuitous nudes to an informational site.

   As we all know, there are plenty of places that specialize in nude photos of all kinds and we’re happy to let you go there while we attend to our business here which is promoting social nudism and offering information, news, and even some commentary about anything related to our nudist lifestyle.  We don’t need galleries to do that.

Now, if you enjoy nude pics and also happen to be a nudist, why not step into our main site and take a look around?  We offer scads of good nudist/naturist info and you can find just about anything through the site.  If you’re not a nudist, why not look around anyway?  Just because we don’t have a gallery doesn’t mean that naked folks don’t wander into our postings now and then!  There are even a few videos; rather tame by internet standards, but interesting.  You might be surprised at the size and breadth of the nudist community and how much fun it is!

And glory of glories, you might be surprised to discover that this nudism thing is something you’d like to learn more about!

Now that’s what we’re here for!



We’ve decided to add some pics from our website here also.  After all, if they’re good enough to use to illustrate points in our postings, we might as well include them here to make it easier to find the article they relate to.  Just click on the pic to read the article, click on the pic in the article to reach the original.

Our apologies, this entire page is screwed up and we can’t seem to fix it.  It will have to be done entirely over again and, quite frankly, that’s a lot of work.  We’ll get to it someday…


Maxime Xavier's nude self-portrait                                                  image




Michelangelo's David

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