Poland Invades Germany !

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Dateline: Swinoujscie, Zachodniopomorskie województwo province, Poland

  In a startling 7TPreversal of not-so-recent history, hordes of angry Poles are sweeping across the border near this seaside Polish city.  Brushing aside local resistance, it appears that the onslaught is unstoppable.

At the local nude beach of this Baltic Sea border town, naked Germans are being ogled by fully clothed Poles since the fence between the two side of the beach was removed!

Brave German defenders claim that if the Poles would just stay on their own side of the beach they wouldnt’t have to see nude Männer und Frauen.

“You feel like an ape in the zoo. The Poles come with their binoculars, stare and swear at us.” , a German naturist reported to the British tabloid “The Sun”

The Poles respond that they are good Catholics and  would never be caught naga (naked), and don’t want to see anyone else that way, even if they have go out of their way to see it!

One Polish beachgoer said “It’s horrible, we would never bathe naked, we are Catholic.”

The battle rages on.

For more on this story, see:  włókienniczych inwazji

4 Responses

  1. Great post!

    Do I detect a bit or irony and sarcasm? (Of course not.)

    If you don’t want to see naked Germans, stay out of Germany (and Wisconsin). Enough from this naked German.


  2. Those pesky Germans and Poles are at it again. Disagreement over bare boobs has resuted in a partitioning of this beach. Don’t know if it’s the same one, but it’s the same idea.

    It’s the Germans trying appeasement this time. Apparently they didn’t learn anything from Neville Chamberlain…


  3. All naked Germans are warmly invited to the nudist beach in Poland’s Rowy! Been there, it’s lovely.

    Admin: Angie’s English, can she come too? 😉


  4. Angie, sure, you’re invited, too. I’m gonna be there the last week of July 2011. I’ll be looking for you 😉


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