Naked Cheerleaders?

Bothell Cheerleaders  Who’s sillier here?  Is it  foolish teenage girls for sending naked pics of themselves to their friends who share them with others, or the school for disciplining the girls, or is it the parents for suing the school over it.  Or us for paying any attention to it whatsoever.

Maybe parents shouldn’t give camera phones to their kids, maybe somebody should teach the kids a little responsibility, maybe the school should concentrate onPhotobucket teaching those little brains full of mush how to read and write instead of poking into their private (or not so private) lives, and maybe we should mind our own business.

Nah, none of that is going to happen.

I’d just like to say that it is a warming feeling to know that life is so good that silly stuff like this is considered to be a big crisis.  Not little stuff like starvation, homelessness, war, poverty, political corruption, healthcare, warts, the little stuff.   Oh no, bare breasts!

I’ll leave you now to read the juicy details of this affair and to contemplate the deeper implications of it’s profound and long-lasting effects on Society as we know it.

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