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  1. I recently learned about them and I’m planning on going to their swim later this month.

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  2. The October 222nd swim was canceled due to problems with the pool. Don’t know if that was the real problem or not. Their next swim is scheduled for mid-January. There is a house party at a member’;s home nearby but I don’t know if I can make it. I have other commitments that day.

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  3. Are you going to the Renaissance Fair? My son and his wife are working there!


  4. I attended their latest house party recently and they’re a nice friendly group of people. As I opened the front door, I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by a nude woman in the midst of receiving a full body massage. She pointed me toward the kitchen where I was greeted by the host, also nude, who directed me to one of the bedrooms to change out of my street clothes.

    There were about 34 people in attendance (club membership is about 54) so it was a bit crowded. Most seemed to be in my age group (50s or 60s) though there were a few “younger” people there. A third of the members are women, which is pretty good.

    There’s another house party this weekend at a more spacious home. I hear the masseuse will be there so I might take the opportunity for a massage.

    I just learned that their next swim has been canceled and they’re looking for a new venue. It seems that the hotel recently fell under new corporate ownership and the manage got into a little hot water over the January swim. The club wasn’t the problem, just that it was a “nudist” event. Other places the club has approached seemed interested until the “N” word came up. “Oh my Gawd! Can’t be having naked people in the pool!”

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  5. Naked in a swimming pool? Heavens! Where is this world going?

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