Nudism and Life’s Simple Pleasures By Felicity


I recall having a philosophical debate in one of my classes in high school about whether it was the big accomplishments or the little things that give life meaning and happiness. Hence do we rely on the large moments like getting married, acquiring a brand new job, reaching your goals to determine our well-being? Or is it the little happiness like a cup of hot cider on a autumn day, going to the bank and finding there is no line, hearing one of your favourite songs come on the radio
Or can it be a mixture of both?
I’ve ever been a believer in the simple things in life. Valuing the little gifts, delights, even surprises, that life must offer daily. What does this have to do with nudism? Well I find naturism gets me more in touch with life’s simple pleasures. It exemplifies basic, agreeable senses when nothing stands…

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