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NV 2015 AB 49.

FYN Naked Spring Bash!

Here’s a video of Florida Young Naturists Spring Bash!.  Are you ready for this year’s?

Florida Young Naturists NAKED Spring Bash 2012 from FYN on Vimeo.

Naturists Eating Their Own

You probably already know about the flap over Desert Sun Resort‘s recent change of status to ‘couples only’ and the lawsuit filed by some disgruntled folks who think that everyone else adores having their obnoxious rugrats underfoot while relaxing on a very expensive vacation.

We aren’t going to get into this by expressing our opinion as to whether the ‘no kids’ policy was actually a move towards a more sexy environment or not except to say that, lacking any evidence in that direction, we have no reason to believe so.  Without evidence, anything else is pure speculation and not worth discussing.

What we can’t figure out is why John and Elizabeth Young, the resort’s owners, would go from a perfectly reasonable business-based defense to the odd ‘anti-porn’ defense they ultimately chose.  Did they think that public sentiment against porn would support them?  “Do it for the children!”

In any event, it’s touched off a minor firestorm in the nudist community by those who feel (probably correctly) that by admitting publicly implying that it’s conceivable that somewhere, sometime, a person posing as a wholesome nudist might…not be a nice person after all, the Youngs shine a poor light on all of us.  Nothing like a hint of sex to whet the public’s appetite!

Here’s a couple of excerpts from replies to criticism expressed by (presumably) those filing suit against the resort.  Consider the reasons given by Ms. Young in the first two then compare with the now-official reasons for for asking folks to leave the kids at home.

Then:  February 4, 2012    “After three years of ownership, we have learned from our guests that they just don’t want to vacation in the nude with children running around…naturism in 2012 is much different than it was in 1970. Most naturist simply wish to vacation without kids around, not because they have a hidden agenda, they simply wish to relax and get away from the kids for a vacation.” – Elizabeth Young, Owner at Desert Sun Resort in response to Beautiful Resort But…

February 22, 2012    “… our guests…were simply uncomfortable vacationing in the nude around children…less than 18 guests brought children in the previous 3 years…the resort is simply not child friendly… we did what was best for the business to survive long term and became an adult only resort. “ – Elizabeth Young, Owner at Desert Sun Resort in response to Trouble in Paradise

Now:  March 28, 2012   “We changed the rule last year after seeing all the news stories … of child porn..  (We) do not want to be responsible…for pictures taken at the resort that could be posted on websites that exploit pictures of nudist children in order to serve pedophiles.”   – My Desert.com

So, what do you think?  Should they have stayed with the bottom-line-profit and customer demand angle or gone with the ‘save the children‘ defense?  It’s too late to change it but we can sit back ad watch all the fuss it is causing.  At this writing we haven’t heard from any national organizations, but imagine that press statements will be forthcoming.  Hope so, anyway.

Here are some articles that will add the details (be sure to read the follow-up comments with each):

Our First Nakation    The Altogether (AANR)

Nudist Resort’s No-kids Rule…

Desert Sun Resort Casts A Long Shadow

Desert Resort Cites ‘Child Porn’…

Sun and Shadows – Kid Admission Policies Change at a Palm Springs Nude Resort

Naked Rambler Rambles On

All-Nudist has MOVED to All-Nudist.com

“I believe that if I act according to what’s best for me, and in so doing I harm others, the mistake is not in putting myself first but in misunderstanding what’s best for me.  So, my naked activism is firstly and most importantly about me standing up for myself, a declaration of myself as a beautiful human being, an expression of my ok-ness in the face of so much self hate…”   Stephen Gough    My Journey So Far

Stephen Gough, known to many as The Naked Rambler, is considered to be the heroic patron saint of the cause of nudism by some in the nudist/naturist community, or maybe as just a sad, delusional, socially dysfunctional loser whose own form of madness happens to include a preference for nude incarceration over freedom.

Either way you may feel about him and the value of his actions, the following article covers a lot of ground about him in a pretty fair manner, we think.  It’s worth a read.

‘Nudist’ Pedophile, Misstatement, & Dating

All-Nudist has MOVED to All-Nudist.com!

Headline and comments, nothing unusual.  Someone does something bad, claims to be a nudist, the headlines do the damage.  Often the comments are more interesting than the article, and more revealing.

Usually the comments are nasty with a couple of nudist-types trying to defend nudists, to no avail.  Not so bad this time except for a couple of unfortunate remarks made by those who should know better.  Really, advertising nudist dating on a article about nudist pedophiles?

NV Nudist Sentenced for Lewdness with Children  

“A Sparks nudist has been sentenced to three consecutive life terms for sexually abusing young female relatives.”  – KOLOTV.com

  • It is clear to me that this man was not a nudist by any means, but a pedophile posing as a nudist.”   – Northern Nevada
  • Nudity is a wholesome activity shared by some, but not for everyone. In this area there are a few of us that believe in family friendly non-sexual nudity and are part of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).”  – Northern Nevada   WTF?  A few?
  • This story has been forwarded to the AANR so that they can choose to dispute what the media reported if they desire. As the local affiliated nudist organization we do feel that the story was incorrectly reported slandering the reputation of good nudists”  – Northern Nevada
  • “Any real nudists here ? Nudistkiss com I would like to recommend you to the world’s best and largest nudist dating site for world wide nudists , naturists and naked people to share nude photos and experiences and chat with real nudists Lots of fun on Nudistkiss com”  – Jessica  (Thanks for the helpful input, Nudistkiss!)
  •  “…mentioning that they were nudists is totally irrelevant. Kind of slander isnt it?”  – Anonymous
  • “This is the perv’s comment/defense, NOT something some reporter is making up to slander a particular lifestyle, regardless of the mental damage to 8 yr old psyches having to watch out-of-shape ol’ grampa might cause.”  – F. Lee Baybee
Mountain out of a molehill?  Maybe, but we really don’t need anything that makes us look bad, especially tied to an article that already does so!  Be careful, people!
Here’s another article with some details:
Sparks Nudist…   “…he told investigators he was preparing the girls for the “real world”  – Montgomery Advisor

What’s More Fun – Swimming or Painting Naked Girls?

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is promoting this year’s headline publicity event for Nude Recreation Week as one big naked body painting party.  The idea, still in the planning stages, essentially will have clubs and venues holding their own parties on  July 14 then submitting photos (that mainstay of social nudism; pics of naked people!) to AANR  for judging.  One can assume that AANR will then release the winning photos to the news media to demonstrate the ‘wholesome family friendly’ nudist lifestyle.  At this time, The Naturist Society (TNS) has announced no plans to participate.

Of course, the media will only be able to use edited or airbrushed pics.  Kind of like the sexy photos the public is so used to seeing associated with nudity of any kind.

We’re not so sure that promoting the naturist lifestyle as wholesome is best accomplished by presenting it to the general public as a naked body painting party, but we’re kind of old fashioned that way.  And just a bit cynical.  AANR must feel that  this will appeal to the more adventurous textiles who can certainly see the fun in painting naked girls!

Now, that doesn’t mean we see anything wrong with body painting.  We are only concerned with the image that the public will take away from this.  When you hear ‘naked body painting’, what do you think of first, family activities or something somewhat more sexy?  Can you picture a naked middle-aged man painting a child’s naked body as anything other than a questionable activity?  Maybe we can but will a textile public that sees everything done in the nude as sex also see it as innocent and ‘family oriented’?

It had seemed to us that the previous Nude Recreation Week Guinness Book skinnydip events could be a great way to coordinate publicity and participation worldwide as  a means of bringing social nudism before the public eye in a positive way.  How better to show how easy it is to get naked around other folks, if only for a few minutes in a fun environment?  Not as much fun as finger-painting a nude woman (and you know that’s the image that comes to mind!) though.  It’s easy to see how this event could attract a lot of attention; let’s hope that it’s the right kind of attention!

One non-nudist wrote about her experience at a skinnydip and while it doesn’t sound like we got a convert, she makes a good point that may appeal to others: “…the purpose…first and foremost is to force myself out of my comfort zone, to have little adventures, to experience all that life has to offer.  Well, I’ve lived to tell the tale that visiting a nudist resort is one way to achieve that!”  The comments following her article further present social nudism as a positive, healthy experience; definitely not sexy at all.  Isn’t that exactly what’s needed to combat the negative images so often presented elsewhere?

However, it’s not for us to decide how AANR  promotes its main product ( membership).  Nudists/naturists benefit from healthy AANR membership numbers and those have been falling, so perhaps drastic measures to drum up publicity, any publicity, that will get AANR’s name out there are justified in the long run if will help boost membership dues.  If this doesn’t do the trick, maybe next year it could be tattoos, followed by piercings!  As long as we’re promoting the activities of a small minority of nudists as fundamental parts of naturism, why not?  As long as it gets attention, right?

Still, somehow the idea of portraying nudists as body painting enthusiasts (something that few nudists OR textiles are) does not fit well with the idea that nudists are just ordinary folks who happen to like being nude.  It makes us appear much more exciting and adventurous (and touchy?) than most of the nudists we’ve known, anyway.   That may help to diminish the public perception that we’re all old fuddie-duddies, but let’s hope that it doesn’t make us appear too wild in the process!

JOIN AANR today! Click HERE!

But you know what?  We have AANR to thank for a lot of the things we take for granted as we go about our naked day.  We can accomplish more by joining and helping direct the organization than we can by complaining.  So start practicing your body painting technique and who knows, maybe next July you’ll find yourself pictured on a national cover in all your naked glory…censored, of course!

Skinny Dipping into the Guinness Book of World Records

Even the Brits get into it:  Britain’s National Trust Sets World Record

2010 AANR Skinny Dip Results

History of The Naturist Society  (including the origins of Nude Rec. Week)

AANR’s Amazing Canvas Nudist Face and Body Painting Event   2012

AANR’s Amazing Canvas Nudist Face & Body Painting Event

UPDATE:  Be sure to read the comments below for some other opinions!  ‘Chet’, incidently, is also ‘Nudiarist’ among other aliases.  That will make it easier to follow.  He also wrote the following essay on his website; apparently he did’t have enough space for his silly insults here.  Go ahead and try to follow it all if you care, it’s really no big deal.  ‘Chet’ is still mad that we criticized his nudie galleries a few years ago as being unbecoming to a ‘nudist’ website.  No sense of humor and doesn’t read very well either.  Skips words and makes assumptions, usually wrongly, then rants about the imagined assumption.  Such a waste of an otherwise smart guy!

All Nudist, All Wrong – by ‘The Political Naturist’

Other sites produced by ‘The Political Naturist’ (he really, really likes to look at naked people, it appears):  

Nudists: FB vs G+

All Nudist has had a Page on Facebook for over a year and a half now and it has worked quite well for its purpose; to direct folks here to our website, of course!  Have you been there yet?  It has a lot more postings than this site since it’s so easy to share little tidbits from all over.  Plus, we stray a little from the pure mainstream nudist path, just for fun!  Click and share, voila’!  A lot easier than setting up, writing, and publishing a post here, believe me.

That works fine for that, but here on our website we can have all the other bells and whistles that round out the experience.  You get lots of links to all sorts of places plus our irresistible articles on such fascinating subjects  as how cold it is in Wisconsin today and why nudists poke holes in themselves!  Well, lots of links, anyway…  Oh, and here we can talk like grownups without some bluenose flagging a post and causing problems!

Being dinosaurs in the technology field, we’re only slowly spreading out into the social media, but we’re getting there.  We got into G+ last year and it’s had its ups and downs.  There was a misunderstanding between us and G+ about the name of the page.  Basically, they insisted that we use our Google profile name (Allnudist) but wouldn’t allow ‘Allnudist‘ as a name!  We worked around it and everything has gone smoothly since.  The page is now called All Nudist.  Go figure.

Now, there are a lot of folks using G+ that harbor ill feelings towards Facebook for one reason or another.  Some just like G+ better.  But there’s a strong feeling there that FB has had its day and G+ is the wave of the future, so why not dump FB altogether?

Well, for us FB provides some features that G+ doesn’t plus we have a large following there to serve.  No matter  how well G+ does, it’s going to have a long ways to go to catch up with FB in many ways.  The ways that matters the most to us are resource sharing, of which there is much more on FB, and sheer numbers of folks interested in nudism.

G+ is new and growing very slowly as far as nudist resources are concerned.  There are lots of people claiming to be nudists but few places where they can connect other than through individual postings.  There are hardly any nudist G+ Pages at all.  G+ has no provision for a website G+ presence yet other than a simple posting Page like ours.  B O R I N G .

All this leads up to a listing here of the pages on Facebook that we have found, and the G+ Pages available.  Take a look at the two and I don’t think you’ll need to ask why we’re going to stick with FB for the time being.  G+ may be the wave of the future, but for us anyway, that future is still far away!

Pages on Facebook that relate at least loosely to nudism/naturism:

 Google Plus (G+) Pages relating to nudist websites, resorts, groups, etc:

Get the picture?

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