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Натуризм в России сегодня – Naturism in Russia Today

Натуризм в России сегодня – Naturism in Russia Today

russian nude beach

Naked Kids Summer Camp… revisited

Naked Kids Summer Camp… revisited

naked golfers

Vacation in Greece.  Vritomartis – Part 2

Vacation in Greece.  Vritomartis – Part 2

Vacation in Greece.  Vritomartis – Part 2

Vacation in Greece.  Vritomartis – Part 2

Associate with freaks, get a bad rep.

Originally posted on Naturism for People of Color:

So i’m looking around my old flickr account and i stumble onto this:


Of course its the Folsom Street Fair and guess what tags these pictures were under?  You guessed right: Nudism.  I know we sometimes wonder why Naturism and Nudism has such a bad rap.  Well this kind of stuff is why.  How in the hell did we become associated with these people in the first place.  I try not to be judgmental but i can’t help it when i see shit like this!  Open sex acts on a public street, people simulating BDSM and having orgies in a hotel room in front of windows!  And people associate Nudism and Naturism with this…well…with this poor white trash freak festival?  Sometimes i think we need to speak out and make sure the rest of the world knows we have nothing to do with these people.  And we need to tell…

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All Nudist Daily News – Our Online Newspaper

All Nudist Daily News  A pretty good mix in today’s edition!

All Nudist Daily News

British Naturism National Convention Oct 10-12 2014

British Naturism National Convention Oct 10-12 2014

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