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Yoga Undressed: The Goddess Series nsfw video

Yoga Undressed: The Goddess Series (nsfw video)

Yoga Undressed: The Goddess Series nsfw video


Day Without Bathing Suits – July 20 2014

Day Without Bathing Suits – July 20 2014

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A Favor, Please

Reposted from Facebook:

Everett in the projects 1975Hey folks, can I ask for a favor? My very best friend from childhood, he’s like a brother, has a birthday today. He’s feeling a bit low since all of his family is now dead as are many old friends. There aren’t many left to wish him a happy birthday.

Can you spare a moment to do so? His name is Everett, he lives in Chicago, and is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. I’d give you his phone number but, well, that would be a bit crazy!

Here’s a pic of him from 1975 when he was a lot bigger and hairier (and younger). We were semi-hippies, and lived in ‘the projects’ in Carpentersville, IL. Gunshots in the parking lot, interesting neighbors, a dog (Buffy), rabbit (Bowser), and rat (Socrates). Plus a girlfriend we both loved, but he stole her from me! Rabbit hated me and pooped on my bed.

Rabbit (a Giant Flemish) terrorized the neighborhood cats; he had his way with both female and male cats that came in to raid our dog food.. Highly entertaining!

Now that you know Everett a bit, how about you give him a ‘happy birthday’ on our Facebook Page (linked here) and I’ll make sure he sees it!  If that link doesn’t work, try our Page and scroll down to find it!  Thanks a bunch!

German Nudist Clubs Losing Members; It’s not Just the U.S.

German Nudist Clubs Losing Members; It’s not Just the U.S.

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Naked at Amazo

Originally posted on Friends Of Mazo Beach:

[Note: This post is written by the webmaster after a brief conversation with FOMB.]

Yes, you read the title correctly — it isn’t a typo. If you haven’t heard about it yet, a play titled “Naked at Amazo” has been written about the historical issues surrounding the beach. Oddly enough, it opens during Nude Recreation Week (this week).  For more info, check out the WSJ article, Sauk Prairie article, and the company’s website.  Performances are July 11, 12, 13 and August 1, 2, 3.

We encourage naturists to attend.  It’ll be an entertaining play and it is supporting a local new business.  However, there are some things to beware of:

  • The writers claim to be unbiased, and they do try, but they aren’t.  (All-Nudist points this out, but it was known prior to that.)  To their credit, they do link to this website and attempt…

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