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‘It’s Never Cold in Greece’! – Greek Reggae Video

‘It’s Never Cold in Greece’! – Greek Reggae Video

Everybody’s Getting Naked and Fit!

Everybody’s Getting Naked and Fit!

nude yoga

“We Removed Something Your Page Posted” | The Naturist Page

The article linked to here talks about the insanity of Facebook’s ‘moderation’ of postings. There are may purely porngraphic FB Pages which have been reported often, only for those reporting them to receive a notice from FB that there is NO problem with the Page, graphic sex and all.  Yet one or two spurious reports, often about a posting without ANY nudity, can cause a Page to be shut down, sometimes permanently.


Not acceptable to FB


OK with FB

We can only conclude that FB’s $1/hour Bangladesh ‘moderators’ prefer hardcore porn and sexy photos to simple, wholesome nudity or discussion about it.   Since they’re paid to ‘moderate’, why not punish naturist Pages (so it looks like they’re doing their job) while allowing the porn to continue?

Think about it: Repressed,  underpaid, skin-deprived Indians with a bountiful collection of porn and skin pics at their fingertips! To hell with the nudists and their bland, wholesome images!

Anyone have a better idea? This pattern has continued for years!

Here’s a whole bunch of articles on the subject over the years. PAGES full of them!

Article:  “We Removed Something Your Page Posted” | The Naturist Page

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:

There comes a time where Facebook is not on the ball of thing. What I mean by this is when somebody posts something that contains nudity and your page is set to the age of 21+ there has to be some form of maturity from Facebook and the users. If the page is set to the age of 21+ people and Facebook should recognize this and allow social non-sexual nudity. If you don’t like what the page posts, then stop following it and ‘unlike’ the page, simple.

FB-Removed irish examiner linkLast night I was forced to re-login with this message to soon follow up upon my login. The link was from the Irish Examiner’s news page that I had re-shared from 35th International Congress of Naturism Facebook page. The Link that got removed was the story “Delegates undress to impress at international naturist conference” a simple story of Ireland’s first International Naturist…

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Lupin Lodge in Hot Water… Again

Lupin Lodge in Hot Water… Again

lupin lodge

Isn’t It Ironic… Nudity, That Is! nsfw video

Isn’t It Ironic… Nudity, That Is! (

nude swimming

nsfw video)

Felicity, the Innocent, Can’t Understand Why YouTube Doesn’t Like Nude People!

Felicity, the Innocent, Can’t Understand Why YouTube Doesn’t Like Nude People!  No pic, just nsfw video!

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