Genesis, Revisited

   So, when it was The Day, the Man and the Woman awoke to the Dawn and beheld each other in God’s clothing.  They saw beauty and were not afraid.  The birds of the air sang and the animals rejoiced that Humankind had found their way to Paradise!

Then the Serpent, always watchful, whispered into their ears “You’re naked!  What if someone sees you?  Naked means sex with anyone and anything that approaches you!  God hates you for that!  Quick, cover yourselves lest you be led into sin!” 

So they donned scratchy fig leaves and covered some parts of their bodies, here and there seemingly at random.

This went on for a few millennia until some of Earth’s children began to wonder why they had to wear scratchy fig leaves.  The most daring decided to try life without, and discovered that God’s fig-leaf-2world was wonderful, the way He meant it to be!

They tried to tell others about this wondrous thing and found themselves scorned and ridiculed.  They were forced to hide in secret places, out of sight.  They feared that friends and family would look askance upon them for simply following that which tbeach angel 200 xhey felt to be a natural way of living.

Many truly evil things were acceptable in the name of Society, and God, but the simple enjoyment of God’s gift was declared to be an evil brought on by the Serpent.

Society today seems to feel that hating others for believing or loving differently is healthy and Godly, but enjoying the warmth of the sun in the nude is not.

Which of those really brings us closer to God…?

p.s.  Angie thinks this is too harsh for a happy touchie-feelie sort of blog, doesn’t relate to social nudity.  I disagree.  The people who feel it’s ok to hate other human beings because they’re different are the same ones who have no problem with taking away OUR freedom as nudists.  Or selling our jobs overseas, giving tax breaks to the wealthy and making the healthcare industry rich while denying citizens the right to  health care or a decent education.

And they think there’s something wrong with us!

I’m sorry, my politics are going to pop out once in a while, I’ll try to keep them related to the naturist/nudist topic.  I’ll try, no promises…         – Steve

Want to see some more religion-inspired hatred?  

3 Responses

  1. You make some very profound statements, Steve. As a longtime union official (now retired) and a believer in our Creator and His principles, I’m glad to see that I am not completely crazy. There are others out there who like to live clothing free and believe as I do!


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