About Your Hosts – Angie & Steve

 Well, we’re Steve and Angie, just ordinary folks who love and enjoy the nudist lifestyle.  Thought we’d give this weblog a try just for fun.   If you’re new to this lifestyle or just curious, maybe we can be of some use to you.

Now, don’t expect this to be one of those daily-diary sort of things.  Quite frankly, not much interesting happens in our life that you’d care about.  That is, we like it but then again, that’s us.

We live in south-central Wisconsin where it’s below zero all year long.  OK, a little exaggeration but right now in mid-January it sure seems like it!  Our water pipes just thawed after a week, temp shot up to 40, now a blizzard coming.  Yeah, summer seems a long ways away…

But the summers are grand with plenty of heat and high humidity, mosquitos, gnats and lovebugs, not to mention the deer ticks!  Wait a minute, why is it that we live here?  Oh yeah, because we love it!

There are nudist resorts/campgrounds scattered around the state and plenty of winter club parties in hotels, homes and bowling alleys (yup) to get out of the cold and get nekked with friends.  We live in the city but have a large upper deck for sunning from April through September, and the incredibly beautiful Mazo Beach all summer long. (Ed; Now closed!)

Unfortunately our winter heating bills are quite high since we (ok, Steve) tend to keep the heat up.  Good excuse lately,frozen pipes!  Warm naked house!

   We have a summer campsite very near to the Beach, about a half hour from home.  It’s fenced for privacy (as are many since the campground is nudist-friendly but not nudist, but most of the summer people there are) so we get to run around nude outdoors a lot.  Neighbors visit and there are parties and it’s a great way to forget winter!  (update: Had a site, now don’t)

We’ve been to a few nudist resorts and campgrounds in Wisconsin, Florida, and California.  Not exactly world travelers but have seen a bit and hope to share some of it with you.  Steve’s been involved in social naturism/nudism longer than Angie so some different perspectives will be seen.  Plus, one’s a he, the other’s a she!

We’ll add posts now and then and if you’re looking for a particular topic, you may find it in the ‘categories’.  Feel free to comment and add your experiences.  If you disagree with us, we simply won’t post it!  Just kidding.  Well, maybe…

That’s it.  BYE!    Angie & Steve

Update: Summertime 2011 – Angie & Steve

8 Responses

  1. Hi Angie & Steve,

    Enjoyed reading your page and you 2 sound like great people that are nature loving and also have a sense of humor.

    I have been to Mazo beach a couple times and was really relaxed after walking around nude all day and meeting different people and conversing.

    It’s just like any other beach as far as how people conduct themselves. The only difference is that no-one has any clothes on.

    It’s been a couple years since I’ve been there but I plan to come back again this year. I am hoping to run into people I met there last time I was there.

    I first became a nudist when I had a sudden urge to get nude while I was at work. I know what your thinking, but it all had to do with immediate relief from scorching heat. Kind of a funny story.

    But anyway, I just hope I get a chance to meet you 2 at Mazo and we can chat awhile and get a chance to know you more.

    For now, I give you high fives for this website, and say keep up the great work.



  2. I’ve been to S. Central Wisconsin, near the Iowa line to pickup a truck I bought off of Ebay last fall. Great country and great people! Glad I live in Tn. though, winters are better!


  3. You’re sure right about the winters! Yeah, that area is hilly and beautiful. Called ‘The Driftless Region’ it’s a big chunk of land where the last glacier didn’t go on it’s way south. It’s old land and, some say, haunted. I believe it; my ancestors homesteaded there in the 1830’s, I’ve lived there and my parents are buried on our land. An Indian battle occurred on our bluff and an ancient fish mound overlooks a bend of our creek. A mastedon skeleton was found by neighbors years ago…with spearheads in it’s ribs. People have been around there for a long, long time. Plenty of time to accumulate a few ghosts!

    (Here’s an article about the mastodon; another generation of Dosch brothers built our house. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boaz_mastodon )

    Enough of a travelogue, a little reminiscing there, I’m afraid. Summer’s coming, and so should you! Mazo Beach is a great place, half hour north of Madison, 2 hours (?) from La Crosse. Maybe we’ll see you there!


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  6. Hi Angie and Steve: We love your story and foray into nudism. How can we continue following your blog and writing. Jan&Gary😊

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  7. There’s a ‘follow’ thing someone on our front page for email notices, or you can find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/All_Nudist

    THIS site is kind of a wreck since we just got back here after years at another site, and this was our original. It’s outdated, many dead links, etc. But health has severely limited our ability to put out a good site anymore and this is all that’s left!

    Thanks for the kind words!


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