Born Free…

Loved that movie when I was a kid, seems a bit sappy now that I’m in my dotage. But it’s still sweet.

The link at the end of this post falls into that group, though I’ve never seen it before.  Angie found it and had to pass it on.

It does have some natural nudity in it, justifying inclusion here, but that’s kind of hedging.  Actually, I just thought it was incredibly sweet and, like Angie, wanted to share it with you.

The question we had at the end was, we know Christian introduced his wife to his old friends, but why didn’t they have the third guest for dinner?

Make sure your volume is up.  Enjoy:   Christian the Lion

2 Responses

  1. Now, c’mon. Wasn’t that just soo sweet! That big kitty does the same thing that our Mo does to me (not Angie, usually, it’s a guy thing) (oh, I mean, she does too, but I was talking about the cat) except he doesn’t stand up to my shoulders. Usually gets up on the chair and gives me ‘nosies’.

    In fact, it was a pic of Mo on my shoulder that clinched the E-Harmony thing for Angie.

    God, I wonder what it feels like to be nuzzled by a 400 pound lion… Don’t think I want to find out!

    As an addendum; Christian was well known to George Adamson (of ‘Born Free’ fame) after he was released into the wild. And that brings it full circle! – Steve


  2. Sorry, back again. Angie and I were just talking and we have this whole thing figured out. Here it is.

    So, these not-so-broke guys buy a lion. It’s cool and fun. Lion gets big, problem.

    Born Free has recently been in the movies, they ship Christian to George Adamson in Africa to re-aclimate the cat to the wild life. George does so and introduces Chris to his new wife, another domesticated great cat ready to be released to the wilds.

    Our guys come to visit, don’t get eaten, and HEY! who’s this third guy? He pets the ‘wild’ critters and doesn’t get eaten.

    Aha! It’s….. George! The guy they know and love!

    Are Angie and I a team, or what? That may not be the real scenario but it answers all the questions and makes sense. Jeez, we’re good.

    We’re thinking about writing a revised version of the Bible next, with explanations. Then the Torah and Koran. Koran last because some of those folks (who tend to be a bit thin-skinned about their religion, justifiably) will then kill us and we’re in no hurry for that.

    Then again, they still haven’t gotten Rushdie. He’s doing book-signings now.

    But that’s for the future, for now we’ll just keep doing this.

    We recently gently slapped down someone for over-writing on a ‘comment’. As is obvious, I just did. So don’t worry about it. Write away and we’ll deal with it as it happens.

    But I get to because its MY site. Ha! – steve


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