It’s That Time Again…

You guys are going to have to deal with me pissing and moaning about this abysmal Wisconsin weather for a few months.  I’ll try real hard to avoid it, but how can I really be expected to ignore it?

IMG_3265   Angie was a bit down yesterday (aside from wanting me to put a naked pic of her on the internet, go figure!) so, having woken up early again today (dammit!) I went out and got her some flowers for her to wake up to.

  Cold?  Ha!  You don’t even know what the word means!

Nasty, bone chilling, balls shrink and never will never come back cold!  Spit doesn’t only freeze, it freezes before you can spit it.  I ran over a squirrel and he didHoliday Express train on displayn’t even notice it because he was already frozen solid.  Saw a guy trying to light a cigarette  but he couldn’t , the flame from his lighter was frozen.  This is no-shit-sherlock motherfuckin’ COLD!  Pardon my goddamn French

I swear to God, Hell isn’t nice and warm and toasty.  It’s Wisconsin in the winter.

Please, isn’t there someone out there, down south, that would like to have a couple of nice, sorta fun folks come and live with them for the winter?  Angie and I are both good cooks, she doesn’t mind doing household chores, and our dog and cats are highly entertaining at times.  Like Mo the Cat that decided to sleep on my head last night.  Booger cat kept biting my nose and sticking his hand into my mouth.  Strange animal.

Gotta go, grandkids are going to be here for the day, the longest we’ve ever had them.  Make you a deal:  If anybody cares enough, add a comment and we’ll do a posting about our day with them.  Going to take them to a Christmas train show and stuff at Olbrich Gardens across the street.  I’m pretty sure we have to wear clothes…

  Or, we could just go to Palm Springs and, well, be very happy!

2 Responses

  1. Do I need to break out Newton’s Law of Cooling and figure out how long it takes a squirrel to freeze?

    On a related note, water will freeze when tossed into the air when it’s 80 below. See:


  2. Ya know, I should have figured you’d come up with some sort of smart-assed response to that. That’s why we love ya!

    Fact is, we’re welll aquainted with Newton’s Law, and it takes exactly three hours, forty two minutes, and thirteen seconds to render the average sized squirrel to freeze just enough to get into the middle of the road and get run over without damage at today’s temp of 47 degrees below zero. So there.

    And, who gives a damn if water freezes? I can do that in the fridge!

    God, I hate people with brains, they think too much! 😉

    And, hey, does anybody out there know how to spell squirrel? This just doesn’t look right, nor anything else we’ve tried. Help! Jeez, it’s just a rodent!


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