Once Again, Into the Breach!

Y’all are probably getting as tired of this as I (Steve) am.  I may be going back into the hospital again today and might not be in contact for a while.
My health has taken another downturn, temporarily we hope, and needs attending to.  I had hoped to get more done on this website but we’ll see how that goes.  Judging from past experience, I could be in hospital for a week or so.  Or not at all!

Thanks for your patience!


Sorry folks, Steve’s been in and out of hospital for a few weeks now and will be for some time.  Bare with us; we’ll try to get things together sooner or later!


Another Update on Steve

Yeah, more boring stuff, but we have friends and followers who have been with us through thick and thin.   They deserve to know what’s happening.

Steve’s back in the hospital again, sicker than ever and sent to Emergency a couple days ago (again!).  All lab results have plummeted and this boy is very, very sick.

I had hoped to consolidate our various websites into one, and update it, but I don’t know if I’ll have time.  Sorry about that.  We need to sell or close the all-nudist.com domain and will be using http://www.allnudist.wordpress.com from now on.

That’s about all for now.  If all goes well, I’ll get over this too; I’ve been through worse!1

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors…

This is getting tedious.  Out of the hospital one week,  my doc yesterday, Angie’s today, outpatient surgery for me tomorrow… then we’re free for a week!

Then more doctors, maybe surgery for Angie, several more procedures scheduled for me over the next few weeks, then (hopefully) a transplant.  And that’s the GOOD news!

Getting old is starting to kinda suck!  😉1

No, I’m NOT a Wimp!

But having said that, I sit here in Wisconsin, USA, where it’s winter now.  We need to keep our heating bills down as far as we can so one result is that I’m sitting here with three layers of long underwear topped off with a heavy fleece coat and, sorry, an electric blanket!  Seriously, this is nudist Hell!Snapshot_20151202

Our First Time Nudist Together


A little look into Steve and Angie’s first experience together in the nudist world!  Gues what; Angie LOVES it!nudist woman

Our First Time Nudist Together.

All of All Nudist’s Postings

Here’s a listing of everything we’ve posted here on All Nudist (on WordPress), the publishing platform we’ve been using for years.  We have moved to our new ALL-NUDIST.com  website where we hope to provide a better and more easily navigable format for our visitors.  Come on over and see what’s new!

Along with our category listings this ‘title only’ list should make it easier for you to browse for old articles should you find yourself with time on your hands!  Both are on the left sidebar.

And besides, we just hate throwing anything out!  Have fun!    – Angie & Steve


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