I’m Not Gay…

…but I love Madonna and Barbara Streisand too.  So there!

  One of my Madonna favorites  is ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ from Evita.  Here it is, enjoy.  Not only are the vocals beautiful but the orchestra is good.  Better orchestration on some of the others, though.  I’ve listened to a dozen or so renditions of this, by different artists, all are good, but Madonna still does it best.!

And, Madonna knows about ‘wild days’ and ‘mad existence’.  That kid has been through the wringer trying to figure out life.  And survived.


And as long as we’re here, the following is my all-time favorite music video, hands down.  So many levels and references, meanings.  I love it!  This vid is what initially convinced me that Madonna actually has a brain and isn’t just a typical hedonist Hollywood type.   She’s had a long search to understand herself.   Sure she’s a bit out of the mainstream, but aren’t we all?  She simply has the opportunity to live out her fantasies and neuroses.  Lucky gal.  And seems to be a good mom.

Madonna   I’m afraid you’ll have to suffer through the commercial.

  Madonna:  Like A Prayer

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  Madonna Live @ Re-Invention   Lotsa Madonna  Andrei’ Reiu    Patti LaPone

Sorry about the Madonna thing, not nudist related other than she’s walked a different path than most people, kinda like us.  I have watched her wrestle with personal problems, family issues, her sexuality and a deep religious conviction that she never quite has resolved.  I feel for her.  I believe she’s a good person in serious conflict with herself and her life.  I admire her for going for the gusto, I feel for her anguish.  Mostly, I love her singing.  What else can I say?  – S

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