Naked in Paint, Latex

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Ever b05_bodypainting_05een latexed?  We haven’t but it sounds like fun.  You get a total body shave (as we understand) then get painted with latex in some sort of body painting neat way.  Then you can walk around totally naked but legally dressed!

Now, just guessing here, but I bet you feel about as naked as if wearing a rubber wetsuit, not really nude.  But still, kinda sexy, and fun, huh?  Hey, anything once, right?

Jennie  (jennie’s palette) posted something about an art exhibition where  some folks had a problem with painted models.  Ohmygod, nudes at an art show!

It’s all pretty silly, but reminds us that with all the problems this worldgroup has, some people will always find something to complain aspidermanbout.

We apologize that the pics here are mostly pretty young  women, that’s mostly what we could find.  Besides, as a canvas, guys are just so…lumpy!    But pretty cool, huh?

We’re including links to where you can buy this stuff.  If anyone has any experience with it we’re sure we’d all love to hear about it!

Latex Body Paint and Pics      Sports Illustrated  Body Paint Swimsuits 

More Naked Sports Painted Models   Male Body Painting    All Nudist: Body Painting    Buy the Paint

5 Responses

  1. I thnk that body paint or latexing might be somewhat more acceptable to the public than outright nudity is due to the “appearance” of being clothed. It’s important to them that the nipples and genitalia be covered by something, even if it’s only paint or latex. Of course, there are prudes who insist on cloth.

    In the last Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue some models who appeared in the magazine wore swimsuits that consisted only of body paint. There wasn’t an uproar of moral indignation that I’m aware of. (

    It’s a matter of perspective. If you’re perceived to be wearing clothing, then you’re clothed, maybe. There may be a requirement to be young and attractive, I’m not sure.


  2. You’re right Rick. perceptiom is the key. It’s funny that a pretty woman in a skimpy bikini is more arousing that a simply nude woman, but is socially acceptable.

    Like most men, I absolutely love pretty women, we’re supposed to. What I love even more is a conversation with ANY woman, ‘pretty’ or not. If they’re nude, so much the better. Because I want to gawk at them? No, because, well, I don’t know. Maybe it just seems more natural.

    I have a feeling that it would be difficult to carry on a conversation with one of those body-painted models. They’re built for sex and the painting just adds to that idea.

    Does any of this make sense? – Steve


  3. I think you’re right, body paint on those models could be distracting, in much the same way as a skimpy bikini or some other clothing intended to titilate. I’ve seen pictures from events like the World Naked Bike Ride where the body paint seems to draw attention to certain body parts.

    I can see how talking to a naked person would be more natural. Gone are the messages and images projected by clothing which can be in conflict with what the person is telling you. Not having clothing in the way can certainly simplify things.


  4. love looks and want to join nudists


  5. […] is real not real?  It’s all about appearances.  We did an earlier post about the subject of body painting (latex) but thought a bit more on the subject might not be […]


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