Family Nudity – Good For Children?

  To be nude in front of the kids, or not to be…that is the question.

Like that?  I just made it up.  Well, it does sound familiar…

We’ve all been there whether we’re dyed-in-the-wool nudists or part-timers.  What to do about the kids?  Some kids are lucky enough to be raised in the lifestyle and can make their own choices about it whenever they want.  Otherwise we have to decide whether to introduce them to it, just tell them about it, or hide it from them.

My kids learned that Mom and Dad were naturists in their late teens, after a long time of faking it.  Angie’s kids, grown, learned of it as soon as she did.  Two of mine have been to a nudist venue, survived without too much trauma but didn’t care to indulge. The one who didn’t happen to go is ok with the idea and would love to take his kids to our nude beach or camp, but cannot because it could mess with child custody issues.  You know, unfit parent!

None of them care that we’re nudists.

Angie and I are nude around the house (and anywhere else we can) all the time but generally wear something when the kids are around.  Well, at least Angie does…

Anyway, there are many sources of information on the subject, both pro and con.  As you can imagine, the anti-nudity crowd tends to bring sex, sin, and morality into the discussion, as if simple nudity is immoral or against God’s liking.  The textile community’s obsession with sex colors everything they see, especially nudity, and they cannot fathom how a family could be nude together without something sexual happening!

Here’s a few viewpoints in favor of family nudity and its positive aspects for children.  See what you think!

First, a video conversation between some non-nudist moms about nudity around the house: Should Your Kids See You Naked?


3 Responses

  1. It is always a big question, isn’t it. But I advocate for teaching kids that nudity is no big deal and not to be ashamed of their bodies. Having grown up as a naturist, I did go through a short teen phase of rejecting it and wore clothes more often than not, which seems to be the childhood. But I’m still so much more comfortable with my body than those who weren’t raised that way!
    And love the Momversation video.

    Admin: Te video is cute, isn’t it? Some pretty ordinary moms talking like regular folks. Now, their somewhat blase’ attitude towards casual family nudity is just fine, even if they may not be nudists. But they also don’t seem like the type to picket a nude beach with signs saying we’re all going to Hell!

    We can’t expect everyone to pick up the banner of clothes-freedom, but folks like these moms are probably accepting enough to let us sunbathe in our own backyards. That’s a start!


  2. I think too much has been made of the nude human body for far to long. As a christian, I believe that we were created to enjoy living in an earthly paradise completely nude.


  3. I very much like this website!


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