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 Well, we’re Steve and Angie, just ordinary folks who love and enjoy the nudist lifestyle.  Thought we’d give this weblog a try just for fun.   If you’re new to this lifestyle or just curious, maybe we can be of some use to you.

Now, don’t expect this to be one of those daily-diary sort of things.  Quite frankly, not much interesting happens in our life that you’d care about.  That is, we like it but then again, that’s us.

We live in south-central Wisconsin where it’s below zero all year long.  OK, a little exaggeration but right now in mid-January it sure seems like it!  Our water pipes just thawed after a week, temp shot up to 40, now a blizzard coming.  Yeah, summer seems a long ways away…

But the summers are grand with plenty of heat and high humidity, mosquitos, gnats and lovebugs, not to mention the deer ticks!  Wait…

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