Can I Say?

I love doing this blog.  Just love it.  I love the ability to spout off, I love trying to help folks understand our lifestyle, I love finding things that people might be interested in and then tossing my 2 cent’s worth.  I love every minute of it.

Please, please, if you’ve ever had the slightest idea of wanting to do this sort of thing, DO IT! 

Spread your wings, give it a shot!  If nobody comes, don’t worry.  Some will and they’re the only ones that matter.  But what really matters is that you express yourself.  Go for it, you’ll never know until you try!

I’ll spend three or four hours writing and honing a posting that takes three minutes to read.  Then I spend days wondering if anyone cares.  God help me, I love it!   -S

3 Responses

  1. I appreciate your posts very much, so keep up the good work. I don’t always comment, because I don’t always have much to say, but I always read.


  2. I have been reading regularly for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to compliment you both. This is a great blend of stuff. Good stuff. Not all nudist stuff. Which is about the same mix of stuff in my life. I blog too and it is fun and work but nice when somebody throws something back at you. Keep on.


  3. Steve, I can’t speak for others but yeah, man, I care. I check in on ya daily ’cause you and Angie are real people, my kind of people.

    And you rock.



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