“…it might scare little children and offend churchgoers…”

Heaven forbid little children should be scared, and God forbid
that churchgoers should be offended!  If there is one founding
principle of Western Civilization and the United States in particular, it’s that children must be protected and that the Godly need not be confused or offended by ideas contrary to their own.

At least, that’s what some good folks in Arizona believe.   Now, they don’t have a problem with violence on TV, wars for corporate profit, everlasting torture by a loving God who asks folks to murder their offspring just to make a point,  children masquerading as demons from Hell, or the strip joints around town, but they draw the line at fat people.

Bill Tonneson put a statue of a large-figured woman (?) in his front yard in Tempe, AZ., with the permission of the authorities but he forgot to ask his neighbors first, it seems.  Good God-fearing folks that they are, they feel the need to speak out!  The statue is “in full view of a pre-school and a church!”  Oh…my…God.  I think I’m going to be sick.

As the neighbors so rightly point out, the children might be scared to see Grandma without her knickers!  Or worse, God’s Chosen People (no, not the Jews; these are different Chosen Ones) might have their eyes offended by the sight!  And on the way to CHURCH, no less!  The shame of it all!

“To have [the statue] on the side of the street in such open viewing space is a topic of concern.”  Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?  The statue’s owner feebly defends his outrageous actions saying, “I love it, I’m crazy about it.”  No remorse!

He even tried to justify it by alleging that “the big-boned sculpture was supposed to resemble an ancient artwork known as the Venus of Willendorf.”  Ha, fat chance!  Besides, what to those prehistoric Austrians know anyway?

It appears the the tempest may be calmed, at least for the time being.  Torrenson says his wife doesn’t like the statue’s placement and made him cover with a sheet.  “Until I can work something out with my wife, we’re going to leave it covered”

A Higher Authority has spoken…

The vile statue in all its glory, busily scaring and offending. Click for video >>>

8 Responses

  1. I think the statue shows bad taste because it’s not something that adds to the value of the home or property. I’m a longtime naturist, and feel that while there is nothing wrong with the human form undraped, one must be careful if they value their property value and hope to resell it.


  2. Yeah but… The last we knew, bad taste is not illegal nor immoral, and the ability to be ‘shocked’ lies entirely in the mind of the shocked. Whether or not the statue affects property values is of no consequence as to the subject of this article; the silly human mindset and ignorance that causes someone to think that it is somehow unfit for ‘churchgoers’ to see but ok for non-churchgoers is the obvious target.

    The implication is that churchgoers are somehow more ‘moral’ than non-churchgoers and that their delicate sensibilities could be upset by such a spectacle while others are so used to depravity that it wouldn’t bother them at all. You know, depraved people like nudists, artists, art lovers, and the general non-religious public who are used to seeing sinful naked flesh.

    It’s this superiority complex that creates in religionists the belief that they should be the ones to set the rules since they’re ‘Godly’ and all others are sinners. This attitude pervades society and results in ‘blue laws’ which accomplish nothing other than to restrict the rights and activities of those who disagree with the beliefs of some religionists.

    We’ve made it clear here many times in the past that we have no problem with religion in general; people can certainly have their hobbies. But we will continue to point out examples of the hypocrisy and self-centered ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude of those who, religious or not, foster the destructive beliefs which negatively affect our ability to enjoy our chosen lifestyle. Narrow-minded fools like those who are causing a fuss over this silly statue are all part of that problem.

    Now, that’s much more than we had to say on the subject; this was just a little fun over yet another stupid news story. It’s relevant because it’s people like this that make the laws that stop you or me from sunning in our yard or even taking a dip in a pond. They live their lives immersed in a sea of sex and sin put there by their suspicious god to test their ‘morality’. Being unsure of their own ‘purity’, rather than becoming a better ‘Christian’ and surmounting temptation, they seek to remove temptation from society and avoid the problem altogether. Our nudist lifestyle, inexplicably (to them) wholesome and healthy both morally and physically, is an anathema to the idea that skin=sex=sin; one of the most basic principles of their misguided

    Like the statue, we are offensive to them. Like the statue, rather than learning to find something of value in another way of looking at things, they would have us removed from their sight lest we ‘pollute’ their way of thinking and turn them from the path of righteousness. Their fear of their own weakness translates into fear of us and we become the enemy, not temptation. Can’t resist temptation? Eliminate the cause.

    (and I was going to keep this one short!)


  3. Hi! Thanks for peekin’ at the ‘Kidz!
    – Mare


  4. Pretty cool stuff you have there and the prices are reasonable. Beats the hell out of those dumb Vermont bears!

    So, you can make dolls from photos? Could you make a recognizable and relatively anatomically correct nudist demonkid from a photo? Nudists/naturists tend to have a good sense of humor and are often financially comfortable enough to spend a few bucks for something unique and related to our lifestyle. When we get our online store going it might be an option. With our reach of over a hundred countries daily, that’s a lot of potential Demonudes!


  5. […] “…it might scare little children and offend churchgoers…” (allnudist.wordpress.com) […]


  6. I’d love to give it a shot! When you have time, please give me a jingle through email (demonkidz in the subject line, please, so the spam monster doesn’t eat it)…
    “Demonudes”…I like that *giggle*
    – Mare


  7. Will do, could be fun!


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